Southern Resources beleives that all businesses have a responsibility to their community.

Are you one of a KIND?

Want to become one of our Secret Agents of Kindness?

Give yourself a codename & send us an email at to receive missions to save manKIND such as:

  • put fresh flowers on a stranger’s doorstep with a note encouraging them to Pay It Forward & our web-address
  • tape unused coupons to their respective items in the store (with a Pay It Forward note & our web-address)
  • take your old books to a local shelter
  • take food you don’t want to Second Harvest Food Bank
  • pass out blankets to the homeless
  • donate blood
  • offer to babysit
  • feed parking meters that are about to expire (leave a Pay It Forward note with our web-address)
  • when rain is expected, put umbrellas (tagged with a Pay it Forward note & our web-address) in a barrell marked “Free Umbrellas” outside a store
  • leave a roll of quaters @ a laundry mat w/ a note & our web address encouraging someone to Pay-It-Forward by donating their old clothes to a shelter
  • Plant a tree
  • pick-up trash
  • B>Y>O>B — “bring your own bag” —give away reuseable green fabric bags @ the grocery store to conserve energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution, reduce carbon emissions, & reduce plastic in landfills, while promoting environmental awareness. Insert a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address.
  • mail a goodies package to people in the hospital, shelters, soldiers, etc. Insert a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address
  • give a lottery ticket to a stranger with a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address
  • Pay for the person behind you in a drive through line. Leave a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address with the cashier.
  • write unabashed letters/emails of love, appreciation, acknowledgement & gratitude to 3 people today. Include a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address.
  • Organize 10 friends to go to a public gathering & drop a “Love Bomb” where on the count of 3 everyone hugs a stranger nearest to them & hands them a Pay-It-Forward note & our web-address.
  • Make an object of beauty out of old household items & leave it anonymously on someone’s doorstep w/ our web-address asking them to tell what senseless act of beauty they were inspired to committ.
  • It’s all KIND over Matter.

Smile at everyone you see. Hold the door for everyone. Love more, fear less. Do what you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are to spread kindness.

Send us your mission reports, if we post it, we’ll send you a free t-shirt. You can choose from these:

[insert pics of the t-shirts we just made]

Check-in occasionally to see if any of your recipients responded or posted their own mission reports.

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