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5 Tips For Getting The Most Cash For Gold

Cash for gold. We’ve all heard about it, we’ve all seen it, and yet most people are ready to yell “Scam! It’s all a scam!” before giving it a try for themselves. Though they can’t cash for goldreally be blamed since some places will rip you off, but obviously, gold is extremely valuable and even your old gold can put a lot more cash in your pocket than you might think. It can be yet another way to grab some quick cash to pay back your buddy, or you know, finally get those groceries instead of living off of ketchup and stale bread.

So, you have a nice heap of old gold jewelry and other gold-assorted items (pirate coins count, too!). Before going off to your local cash for gold store and calling it a day, know how to get the most out of your gold and get even more cash! It’s pretty simple, really.

  • First and foremost, make sure you know the karat of gold you have. Some karats are worth more than others obviously, so it is important to know what karat you have to make sure you are paid correctly.
  • Clean up that gold and make it shine! Jewelry should look new and presentable, not cashlike it just came out of the sewer.
  • Make sure it’s real gold. This is highly important.
  • Keep tabs of market trends for gold a few days before selling off your own gold. Gold prices rise and drop faster than gas prices.
  • Scrap places will more than likely give you a better price than a pawn shop or other similar places. Southern Resources certainly will (nudge, nudge).

Easy tips to remember for a little bit of cash–not too bad of a trade, right? Have you ever sold gold? What advice would you have for a fellow gold seller?

Are You Getting Paid The Best Prices For Your Scrap Metal?

The scrap metal industry is booming as more and more people see recycling as more than just scrap metal pricesa way to save the earth but as a way to put a little extra cash in their pockets, and even then they want to be able to get the most for their time.  Scrap metal prices can vary depending on who you deal with.  So, Stop thinking “What’s my scrap metal worth?” And let’s find out!

Who is Southern Resources?

Southern Resources has been a family owned business based in Charlotte, NC that has held to the highest standards of excellence since it opened in 1992 and views its customers as valuable business partners.  It cares about the impact humanity has made on the environment and recycles up to thirty-three different types of base metals.

How do their scrap metal prices compare with the national average?

At Southern Resources they endeavor to give you top dollar for your aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel, lead and zinc and much more.  When you compare prices you realize just how good a deal you are getting by the weight of that extra cash in your pocket.

  • On the national average aluminum pipes can fetch you maybe fifty-two cents a pound whereas at Southern Resources you will get a couple of cents more, and at fifty-five cents a pound it can add up.
  • Every environmentally conscious person knows the value of collecting scrap metalaluminum cans for recycling and adding extra funds to their bank accounts.  The local average one can earn per pound is three cents over the national average of forty-seven cents.
  • Old copper and brass can fetch you a pretty penny and with Southern Resources you can make up to fifteen cents more than the national average.
  • There are no national scrap metal prices listed for metals like lead and zinc, but at Southern Resources you can make up to twenty-eight cents per pound for zinc and forty cents per pound for lead.

Going local can be beneficial.

For questions and comparisons to determine the top scrap metal prices visit the Southern Resources website at http://www.southernresources.com/.

Are you getting the most money and the best scrap metal prices for your time?

Asset Recovery: How To Be An Environmental Hero To Your Boss

No matter how many efforts your company makes to “go green,” most businesses are incredibly wasteful Asset Recoveryorganizations. From the mountains in trash bins to the hundreds of plastic water bottles and soft drink cans littering desks and waste baskets each and every day to gigantic piles of scrap metal and broken electronics rusting in the sun, the amount of trash accumulated by just one office space can be astronomical. Even when in-house recycling campaigns are put into practice, the fervor to help the environment usually wanes in the favor of convenience. However, in addition to saturating landfills and polluting the air, scraps and trash left by your business can also be a tremendous waste of money.

Luckily, there is an easy solution – and it will likely help your company save a great deal of money. Asset recovery, or enjoying profit from unused goods, can be easily achieved by selling your scrap metal to Southern Resources. By selling us your old trash, you can recoup costs spent in other sectors of your company. If you’re a business owner, this can mean more money in your pocket at the end of each business quarter and a little less sacrifice. However, if you’re an employee, the mere mention of this asset recovery opportunity could earn you a fat bonus, a promotion and the praise of the entire company – or at least a pat on the back.

Best of all, this form of asset recovery requires almost little to no effort – we’ll even pick up your recyclables right on site. Check out Southern Resources and find out how we can assist your company in making more money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Beer Money? Sell Scrap Metal

sell scrap metalIt’s summer time and the sun is shining. And nothing goes better with sun and summer than an ice cold beer. You reach into your pocket to make a beer run only to find that — the horror! — your beer funds have run dry. Again. Wouldn’t it be nicer if the beer cash simply flowed throughout the summer months? Sell scrap metal and your beer funds will never run dry again.

Selling scrap metal is as simple as cracking open a can of beer. Chances are, you have scrap metal lying around your yard and have a lot of friends and neighbors in the same predicament. Not everyone has the time, vehicle or motivation to pick up and haul that scrap metal down to the scrap yard. By taking on this chore, you become the hero of the neighborhood, cleaning up the trash everyone else tries to ignore. No one has to know you’re doing it just for beer cash.

Once you begin to sell scrap metal, you will find it hard to stop. First, you’re going to like having the extra cash for your beer fund. Second, your neighbors will start passing the word around and pretty soon, others will want you to collect their scrap metal, too. Now you’ve gone from funding one sunny summer day’s beer requirements to funding your entire summer of beer drinking.

So this summer, instead of staring at an empty cooler, keep the beer and the cash flowing and sell scrap metal.

Captain’s Log… Scrap date 8/3

Welcome to the Southern Resources blog! This will be our venue for sharing what we think is
interesting in the scrap metal and recycling world. We will share interesting facts, keep you up
to date on the current trends in the metal market and share community events. At Southern
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www.SouthernResources.com to find out how you can make the most money for your scrap metal. You
can also check out our Repay page where we will encourage community members to give back in fun
and unique ways. Our blog will be where we will share our Repay experience and hope that you will do
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time, keep on Scrappin!

Cash 4 Gold- It’s a No Rush Gold Rush!

cash 4 goldIf you’re looking to get “cash 4 gold,” as one of our less-reputable competitors would say it, you need to be smart about how you go about it. Selling unneeded gold is a great way to pick up some extra cash, but if you want to get the best price for your gold, you need to do a bit of research first.

Gold is a commodity that is traded in markets worldwide, and its price fluctuates daily. Even within a single month, you can see pretty large differences in the price of gold from day to day, even up to $100 USD or more. Following the market rates, and knowing a bit about the gold markets, can ensure you make as possible.

A Quick Guide To Getting The Highest Cash 4 Gold Payouts

Despite having relatively few practical uses, gold has been a currency and investment for most of western history. The main reason is that gold is so easy to work with. It has a low melting point, it’s easy to craft, it never tarnishes, and its physical properties never change regardless of how often it’s melted down. Gold is gold is gold. For all you know, that necklace you have could have gold in it that was traded in the Roman days.

These days, it’s still popular among the wealthy as a hedge against inflation, because its value changes more slowly than most currencies, and as a stable commodity that retains its value even in economic downturns. Given the economic uncertainty that’s been growing throughout the west, including the US’s debt and the collapsing governments in the Eurozone, this has driven gold prices steadily upwards for the past ten years.

Inform Yourself Before Getting Cash 4 Goldcash for gold

Watch gold rates. The financial site Kitco has an excellent set of charts showing the current prices, as well as historical graphs from 30 days to 10 years. This gives you a great at-a-glance look at how gold is doing at the moment. If the price is low, wait for a rising trend before selling.

Also, keep an eye on financial news. Generally speaking, gold prices spike whenever there’s bad news regarding a major currency or a country’s financial woes.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll ensure you get the most possible money from your gold!

Do you think now’s the time to get cash 4 gold? 

Cash 4 Gold- Your Necklace Broke But You Don’t Have To Be

Remember how cool you felt in your gold chain necklaces back in the 1980s? Dripping in self confidence, youcash 4 gold were the hippest person at the club – Madonna, Mr. T and George Michael had nothing on you. Well, sadly, those days are over and attempting to recreate the past will not only make you look foolish – you’ll likely become the laughing stock of your entire neighborhood. Instead of spending weekends listening to Run DMC alone in your basement trying to relive the glory days, turn those embarrassing gold necklaces into fast cash.

Let’s face it – your old, broken and nearly forgotten gold jewelry isn’t doing you any good sitting in your dresser drawer. Here at Southern Resources, we’ll be happy to take them off your hands. However, we also understand if you’re a little apprehensive. These days, it seems like cash 4 gold schemes are popping up everywhere. If you’re unsure, come in and check us out for yourself. We’re a family owned and operated business with plenty of experience in purchasing scrap metal, electronics and old jewelry. We’ll pay you fair and square, and we certainly won’t ask you to mail us your grandmother’s heirloom jewels in some sketchy envelope.

cash for goldOur innovative team of professionals want to make sure you have the best experience possible in the hopes that you’ll continue to trust us with any future scrap item sales. In order to make your life easier, we’ll help you unload your items or, if you’d prefer, we’ll come pick up your small containers right from your door step. Even more, we’ll match or beat any verifiable quote offered by any of our cash 4 gold competitors in a 50 mile radius.

Selling your old gold jewelry is a simple process, so there is no reason to make it more complicated. Come see for yourself and enjoy top dollar for your scrap gold. What new memories will you make from the sales of your old gold?

Cash For Gold At Southern Resources

cash for goldWe know you’ve seen those laughable television commercials advertising cash for gold schemes. You know, the ones created using early 1990s recording technology, stock photo reels and cheesy motivational speaker-esque techno music. They generally feature an extremely crooked looking spokesman in an ill-fitting suit who expects you to mail your great grandmother’s prized jewels in a flimsy manila envelope in exchange for “real cash” at some undefined point in the future. You’ve probably snickered to yourself, pitying the poor fools desperate enough to fall for such scams. However, deep down, you probably also wonder if there really is such thing as a legitimate cash for gold offers.

Here at Southern Resources, we’re not going to dazzle you with glittering dollar signs and we’re not going to dance across your television set in cheap suits. However, we will offer you cash for gold. In fact, we’ll offer you cash for all sorts of scrap metals and old electronics. Here’s how it works:

First, you gather up the gold you’re interested in selling. Second, sell scrap gold!  Bring your gold to our shop or schedule a friendly pick-up. Third, receive your cash. That’s it! Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that we’re willing to either match or beat verifiable quotes from any of our competitors within a 50 mile radius.sell scrap gold

As a family owned and operated business, we’re interested in building long term relationships with our customers. Because the best relationships are founded on honesty, we promise to pay you fair and square. So, if you’re interested in our cash for gold program, feel free to contact us today.

First, however, please tell us: Have you ever sold your gold for cash? How would you rate the experience?

Cash For You In Charlotte For Metal Recycling

Cash for your metal in Charlotte

The world today is investing a lot of resources towards reducing the use of natural resources and protecting the environment to make the world a better place. In Charlotte, metal recyclingcash-for-recycling services reduce the cost of mining new metals from scratch and also assist in maintaining the ecological balance.

Thanks to Southern Resources in Charlotte, metal recycling contributes positively to the atmosphere of the city and to the inhabitants. The presence of such quality, metal recycling resources in Charlotte significantly contributes to the global concept of recycling. Let’s go through the various benefits of recycling.

Recycling is good for the environment

The process of manufacturing metals is very intensive and the by-products include toxic materials which are harmful to the planet. Recycling reduces pollution and the production of harmful gases. Initially, landfills were made available to dump non-biodegradable materials. As time goes by, however, landfills are filling up quickly, becoming increasing limited in space; thus, requiring the use of more green space for the expansion of waste sites. In Charlotte, metal recycling services are assisting the city to get past this situation.

In Charlotte, metal recycling companies receive supplies from scrap metal agents, who move around homesteads and businesses to collect the scrap metal. Through this process, the environs of charlotte are becoming safer.

charlotte-steel-recyclingRecycling reduces energy consumption and is cost effective

When metals are produced from mines, great amounts of energy are used. Aside from the costly equipment, labor and fuel used in the extraction process, the heat required to smelt the metals requires the use of fossil fuels such as coal and petrol. As much as recycling uses energy, the energy consumption and costs, overall, are relatively low compared to the expense of extracting and smelting new metals. In addition to capital savings, recycling helps to preserve natural resources such as coal, gas and oil.

What are the long term benefits of recycling?

For people residing in and around Charlotte, metal recycling will ultimately produce more jobs. With the increasing popularity of recycling and ensuing increase of recycling resources, business and manufacturing prospects will arise which will provide employment opportunities for the masses. As long as you know what to recycle, you will be contributing to the restoration of our environment and economic prosperity; a true green initiative.

Charlotte Metal Recycling Is Turning Trash Into Cash!

Charlotte Metal RecyclingOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. Quite frankly, it’s a saying that seems a little overused and cliche. One man’s trash is really just more trash. What is there to treasure about that? There might be a silver lining to trash, though, with Charlotte metal recycling.

Scrap metal is one of the few forms of the other man’s trash actually worth something — cold, hard cash from your friendly Charlotte metal recycling center. And perhaps that’s where the “treasure” part of that saying comes from.

Have you ever wondered why scrap metal is actually worth cash? Well, metal, like most materials, cost money to make. Metal requires mining, smelting, refining and cleaning and so it’s a fairly labor intensive material to produce. Scrap metal — from copper to brass to bronze — can be reused fairly easily by melting it down and turning it into a new product thus lowering the overall cost to produce metal products.

Refineries and Mills that use recycled metal get their materials from people like you; the everyday consumer with worn out metal products including everything from wires and pipes to old radiators. And the best part is that they pay you for your used products because it saves the company money in the long run.

So maybe we should take another look at that cliche again. If the definition of treasure is something of value, maybe your scrap metal trash is a small piece of treasure after all. Look around, gather up those metal scraps you have been calling trash and see just how much treasure there is after all.


Charlotte Recycling- Do Your Part And Make Some Money

Charlotte RecyclingRemember when you were a young child? At school, teachers taught you to understand, appreciate and respect the world around you through the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Somehow, along the way, we seem to have forgotten the most organic and important lesson any human can learn. As children, we understood that trees filter our air and provide us with clean oxygen, and yet we continue to slash them down and cover the ground in concrete. Our cars and buses pump harmful gases into our atmosphere and we use energy to create new products while the same used products sit taking up space in overcrowded landfills. Quickly, we’re destroying our own earth. If we don’t start taking action now, eventually there will be nothing left.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy methods for implementing the three R’s and, as a bonus, you’ll also enjoy a little extra padding in your wallet. As a child you loved the environment and as an adult you love money – now you can marry your two greatest loves together by taking part in Charlotte recycling.

It’s actually really simple. First, gather up all of your old scrap metal. We mean everything from copper wires and aluminum sheets, old car parts, radiators, old steel, wheel weights and any other pieces of metal you happen to have lying around your home or business. Next, pile it into your car and haul it to Southern Resources. Or, if you’d prefer, call ahead of time and schedule an appointment for pick up. We’ll be glad to assist you in your efforts to better the environment – and we’ll even pay you for your old trash. How’s that for a deal?

Would you be more involved in Charlotte recycling if it meant earning a little extra cash?

Copper Recycling Can Be Fun! (Wire, Cords, Lines And Pipes! Oh My!)

Copper RecyclingYou probably don’t think too much about it in your day-to-day life, but copper is one of the single most important substances in humanity’s history. As a naturally-occurring element, copper is abundant on our planet, and was easy for our ancient ancestors to work with. Its use in our civilization goes back to the very dawn of known human history: at least 10,000 years.

Unfortunately, while it is abundant, it isn’t limitless. It is believed that we will only be able to maintain our current output for 25-50 years. This is why copper recycling is so important. Every bit of copper you recycle helps stave off that point a bit longer, giving us more time to research new technologies for preserving it.

Plus, even better, copper recycling is profitable! Scrap copper is among the most valuable common scrap metal, and you can often receive between $2.50 and $3.00 for a single pound. That means, if you’ve got some copper scrap lying around – and you almost certainly do – you can bring it to your friendly neighborhood scrap yard for some serious cash.

Copper Is All Around You

There are an astounding number of ways that copper is used in our everyday lives. You probably have copper lying around that you don’t need, that you may not even know about!

Here are just a few sources for copper recycling:

  • Wiring. Nearly all electrical wiring is copper-based. If you’ve got a bail of old copper wire that’s been gathering dust in your attic for a decade, it’s (nearly) as good as gold!
  • Electric motors. Generators, small servers, and virtually anything unbowed use copper both to transport electricity and often to make it, through electromagnets.scrap metal
  • Piping. Chances are good the water pipes in your house are made of copper, and scrap pipes are everywhere. If you find a chance to get some for cheap, flip it for cash.
  • Cookware. There are still plenty of copper pans in use, although they’re less common than they used to be. Perhaps it’s time to trade in that old heirloom set of pans for something modern and teflon-coated.
  • Brass! A lot of people forget that brass is an alloy made substantially of copper.  It also has nearly as high a recycling price.

So, why not help out the planet and your wallet at the same time? Copper recycling helps everyone!


Copper Recycling: Red Metals Put You Back In The Black

Copper RecyclingDo you want to help the environment? Do you need some extra cash? Without much effort or time, you can easily accomplish both. As you take a look around your house or business, there is probably more copper than you know; whether it be the insulated copper wire that surrounds you, broken power equipment, or the stash of bullet shells hidden in your closet.  Now that you know how much scrap copper you have, you should consider recycling it.  Copper recycling equals cash in your pocket.

Copper is one of the main materials recycled and re-purposed. Copper stays essentially the same throughout usage and recycling and is 100 percent recyclable. According to Copper Alliance, about 80 to 85 percent of the copper used today has been recycled at some point. The United States recycles approximately 1.8 million tons of copper each year. By doing so, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy by up to 90 percent, compared to mining copper ores. Not only does recycling benefit the landscape, atmosphere and animal habitats, it also costs considerably less to process.

In and around your home or business, there is an abundance of copper to be found. The main use of copper is for electrical purposes such as generators, motors and wiring for computers and televisions. However, copper usage goes well beyond these common forms. It is often used to make piping for plumbing, musical instruments, cookware… and probably makes up some of your family’s nick-nacks.Additionally, it is an element in brass, bronze and cupronickel. Therefore, you are essentially sitting on your own personal copper mine. copper

Besides being an excellent way of helping the environment, you can benefit immediately with copper recycling, by earning some cash. You can earn top prices for your copper by working with a company who is knowledgeable, honest, environmentally conscious and will treat you with gratitude, like Southern Resources.  They will even assist you in analyzing unknown alloys so you can get the best possible price every time and they’ll even help you unload your truck when you arrive.

At the end of the day, you can sit back with that extra cash in your pocket and take pride in the fact that you have contributed to making planet earth better. Now that you’ve most likely thought about some items around your house or business, where will your copper recycling adventure begin?

Copper Recycling: You Won’t See Red When Recycling This Metal

cooper recyclingAs any good citizen of the earth would tell you, waste is one of the worst legacies an individual can leave. By that rationale it’s a good idea to try and recycle everything that you can. Copper recycling is something that’s become very popular of late; simply because the prices on copper recycling are so attractive.

With the upswing in the popularity of recycling in recent years, recycling everything has gone markedly up in value.  If you have copper you need to get rid of it’s a wise idea to try and find a recycling center who will give you a fair shake on your copper pieces for these four reasons.

Copper Has Got Strong Second-hand Sales Values – While you may not be aware of this fact, copper has got strong resale values. Recycling centers will pay you top dollar for much of your old copper; simply because when they reappoint it, they can get a good rate for it back in-market.

Copper Use is Essential – Copper is one of those metals which is used in a variety of things. There is evidence that the earliest civilizations were using copper thousands of years ago.

copper recycleCopper Demand is Increased – The price and demand for copper is due in part to the fact that copper use is outstripping supply. Our reserves of copper are still fairly sizable. However because of the blanket use of copper, our current rates of consumption aren’t going to be able to keep pace with the world supply. Ergo copper recycling is one of the best things out there for those who have it and aren’t using it.

Coppers Usefulness Isn’t Going Away – Human beings are slow learners. We may know things like oil is in finite supply, with present demand vastly overtaking it; yet we all still drive our gasoline powered vehicles. The same is true for copper. We know that we could run out of copper at some point down the road; especially if we continue to use it as much as we do. Yet more and more uses are being discovered for copper all the time. So copper recycling is something that’s only going to have continued relevance in the future.

Have you had any pieces of commercial or residential copper recycling that you have turned in to recycle? Did you get a fair price for your copper at the time?

Current Scrap Metal Prices Change Based On The World Economy

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around, but thanks to our global economy, the current scrap metal pricesscrap metal prices you can get at your friendly neighborhood scrapyard are ultimately determined by people thousands of miles from you, often in other countries.

All of the scrap metals that one might take to a scrapyard – gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and more – are all considered commodities.  Commodities are traded on open markets with people around the world all bidding and haggling and trying to get the best price they can.  Fundamentally, this is how current scrap metal prices are determined, and it decides how much you get paid at our scrapyard or at any other scrap buyer.

The Complexity of Current Scrap Metal Prices

Commodities trading is a complex subject, but one that affects practically everyone on earth who might buy something made of metal.  Besides the day-to-day fluxuations, it’s made even more complex by the addition of futures trading.  This is what really defines commodities prices.

In futures trading, someone with a commodity – let’s say steel – agrees to sell his steel to a buyer today, with the price already agreed-to, but he will not deliver the steel until some months or years into the future.  The buyer is making an investment, and gambling that the steel will be worth more in several months than it is today, meaning he can then trade it for a profit.  The seller is hoping that prices will go down, meaning he sold his steel at a higher profit today than he would have made if he held onto it.

Unfortunately, this process of gambling can often cause huge upsets in the industry.  Commodities can be run up to values far more than they should be worth, or can crash to scrap metalworthlessness if too much enters the market.

Arm Yourself With Information

If you come visit us with a load of scrap, you’re becoming part of that market!  If you want to get the best prices for your scrap, do research beforehand.  Sites like Infomine compile detailed information on the history of traded commodities. Watch the graphs, and wait to sell until the prices look good.

We pay according to current scrap metal prices.  Do your homework to ensure you get the best rate.

How much price research do you usually do before selling something?  Ever wish you did more?

Demolition: Fund Your Remodel by Selling Scrap Metal

Ripping away dry wall with a crow bar, hacking at old plumbing with a sledge hammer – by the time you’re doneDemolition with your demolition project you might feel like Braveheart, but what can you do with the pile of rubble left over? Instead of tossing it into a landfill to pollute the Earth for the next thousand years, consider taking it to a scrap yard and turn your metal scraps into cold hard cash.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. After exerting every last ounce of energy pulverizing your remodeling site, the last thing you want to do is haul a bunch of heavy trash to a junk yard that wouldn’t even pay you enough to cover the cold beer you’re going to sit down for when all of this work is over. Luckily for you, Southern Resources has you covered. Not only will we help you unload your scrap metal, but urge you to compare National and Local Scrap metal prices. Not to mention, we’ve developed an efficient recycling program so you have the added benefit of knowing you made an environmentally conscious decision.

earthLet’s recap. You get the junk off your hands, cash in your pocket and a bucket load of good karma. Where’s the bad? Yeah, we don’t see it either. If you’re still not convinced that Southern Resources is the best solution to ridding yourself of your demolition scraps, then one of two things is true: A) You don’t like money or B) You hate making things easy. If that’s the case, well, there’s not much we can do for you. However, if you like cash, simplicity, and planet Earth, come on down to Southern Resources and let us pay you for your scraps.

In the meantime, though, let us know – What do you plan to do with all of the money you get from your demolition scraps?

Does Your Scrapper Have Certified Scrap Metal Scales?

Scrap Metal ScalesMetal scrapping can be a very lucrative business for both small and large metal scrap producers.  The degree of success of a scrapper can largely depend upon the assurance that the scrap metal scales are certified and calibrated accurately.  In previous years, before state compliance regulations, some metal scrap buyers would use inaccurate scales which resulted in lost income for those who brought in various types of metal to be weighed and sold.  Now in many states, metal recycling companies that purchase scrap metal are required at the very least to have their scrap metal scales inspected, calibrated and certified at least once a year.

Consumer Reliance

Consumer reliance is one of several primary reasons that states like Iowa and California along with many others have instituted a weighmaster certification and enforcement program. When you work with a metal scrapper who engages in buying your scrap metal, the scrapper must be able to produce certificates that demonstrate the scales have been inspected, calibrated and certified.  The metal scrapper should have a weighmaster who not only counts the amount of scrap metal product that you bring in, but must also produce a signed statement known as a weighmaster certificate. This is a legal document which must be kept as part of the official records of the metal scrapper.

Metal Scrapping is Big Business

It is important to make surecontact us that your scrap metal buyer is not cutting corners, as this can affect the bottom line of your business. To prevent potential corrupt intentional and criminal scrap metal scale imbalances, many states have set up official enforcement arms of government called Division of Measurement and Standards. These offices typically will send in under-cover staff to scrapper sites to determine if scales are being tampered with and if the business and certification records are up to date.  Do you have any reason to feel that you have been misled by a scrap metal buyer? Do you think your scrap metal product has ever been undervalued resulting in you being paid less?

Fast Cash At A Charlotte Recycling Center

Charlotte Recycling CenterNo doubt about it, this is a time where people from all walks of life are looking for ways to make extra cash. Whether it be to pay bills, for shopping or to take a vacation, having additional cash on the side can come in very handy. There are many ways of accumulating funds, but if you are looking for fast cash, metal recycling at a Charlotte recycling center may be the way to go.

Locating Scrap Metal

There is a great variety of scrap metals to be found and most likely you don’t have to travel far to get it. Take for instance the materials you have in your home, backyard or garage. You may have old fencing, broken appliances, unused tools, aluminum cans or outdated computer parts sitting in or around your home.

You can also visit nearby businesses and ask if you can carry their scrap metal away for them. They may not have the time to do so themselves and may appreciate your help.

The scrap metal you collect can then be recycled and with each type you will be paid a different price.

Scrap Metal Prices
The highest paying material is Grade 1 Copper #1, which is bare, un-coated, unalloyed copper wire. This type of copper sells for as much as $3.00 a pound. Brass ismetal recycling also highly priced, paying up to $2.00 per pound. Additionally, you can make some fast cash by recycling aluminum, iron, stainless steel, lead and zinc. It doesn’t take long to load up a pound of scrap metal and you will find that recycling these items can be very profitable.

To ensure that you are paid a fair price for your scrap metal, you can find out the current selling rates online by comparing the local and national prices. By educating yourself about the different metals, their alloys and the selling price, your recycling endeavors will certainly pay off.

When you are ready to recycle your scrap metal, you can go to a Charlotte recycling center who will not only treat you with honesty and respect, but who will also pay you top dollar. When you arrive, they will help you unload, get you paid and on your way. With just a little time and effort, you can make a substantial amount of fast cash. As you look around, what are some items you could recycle today?

Finding the Best Scrap Metal Prices in Charlotte, NC

Whether you have accumulated it at home or you are engaged in the kind of business that produces a large quantity of scrap metal, you can turn that scrap metal into cash. As for the best scrap metal prices, Charlotte NC commands a high price in the scrap market today. So, if you have junk metal lying around, creating a hazard, or taking up space, you can recycle that metal; converting your trash into cash. With the services of recycling centers, and competitive scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC offers a lucrative alternative.

scrap-metal-prices-charlotte-ncSome companies offer pick-up services, if the load is too heavy or you lack a sufficient vehicle to transport it. If you wish to request a quote on scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC facilities who specialize in recycling will provide you with a quote, so you have an idea of the value of your metal scraps; thereby allowing you to verify that you are getting your best value for your metal. What’s more, you will receive feedback on which items are of value and which ones are not.

Comparing scrap metal prices in Charlotte NC with the national average

In many scrap buying facilities in Charlotte, they can give you the best prices for your scrap metals like steel, aluminum, zinc, lead, iron, copper and brass. In fact, if you compare the national average with their scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC facilities usually offer higher estimates, based on their weight.

  • The price listed in the national average for aluminum pipes may be 52 cents per pound, but at the recyling centers in Charlotte, they may command a higher price of about 2 cents more.
  • Aluminum cans often run 3 cents higher than the national average price.
  • For old brass and copper, you can get a penny per pound in the national scale while in Charlotte, NC, you are likely to get up to 15 cents more.
  • Pricing for metals such as zinc and lead are not available in the national average, but you can find buyers offering about 28 cents per pound, for these items, in Charlotte. cash-scrap-metal

Is it worth your time to discard scrap metal items?

Aside from freeing up the valuable space that it currently occupies, the removal of a potential health hazard is worth the consideration, alone. Large piles of sharp and heavy metals create a risk for people walking around the area; a liability for you or your company. So, rather than discarding your scraps or leaving them as they are, consider making a profit from your clean-up as you succumb to enticingly competitive scrap metal prices. Charlotte, NC offers the resources and value to make it worth your time.

Whether at home or the work place, debris which is lying around creates an eye sore and a hazard. While discarding the items is not an option, making a profit from your mess is. So, help make your environment green and clean by recycling scrap metal.

Have you tried selling your junk metals at a good price?  Tell us by leaving your comment below or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Follow These Easy Steps To Get The Best Stainless Steel Price

stainless steel priceWhen it comes to recycling, you want the best price possible for your items. To successfully achieve this and to avoid an embarrassing surprise when you get to the cashier, it is important to understand the different types of scrap metal. Although one metal may look like another, it may not be.

Stainless steel for instance, is composed of different alloys depending on it’s designated use. Due to the different alloys, there is also a different stainless steel price associated with each type. Here are the most common types to get you started.

Type 304
This is the most common grade of stainless steel. It is non-magnetic and is used for most items you see and use every day within your home. For example, 304 is used in the production of kitchen appliances, pots, pans and flatware. Additionally, it is the primary grade used for nuts, bolts and screws. In the business setting, 304 can often be found within food and beverage processing plants where it is used in pipelines, valves, hauling equipment and storage tanks.

Type 316
The second most common grade is 316, which is also non-magnetic. Type 316 has higher resistance to corrosion than 304. Therefore, it is the preferred grade for surgical steel, as well as for surgical implants which must be able to stand up against the human body. Due to it’s resistance capabilities, type 316 is also found in industrial equipment that is used for inks, textiles, photographic chemicals, bleaches and rubber. Additionally, 316L which is low grade 316, is what your watch and jewelry is made out of. recycle stainless steel

Type A286
This a non-magnetic, iron based superalloy with extreme high heat and corrosion resistance, of up to 1300 degrees fahrenheit. It’s excellent heat resistance qualities make it ideal for jet engines, gas turbines, blades and fasteners.

400 Series
The magnetic grades of stainless steel are found in the 400 series. The typical uses for this grade are in automotive trim and exhausts, cutlery style cooking utensils, replica knives and swords.

Now that you know what to look for, there should be nothing stopping you from venturing into stainless steel recycling. Whether you are looking in your home or helping to carry away worn down plane equipment from an airport garage, you will get the stainless steel price you deserve. Where will you look first?

How Do I Get The Most Money From Wire Recycling?

wire recyclingSo you’ve got some wire laying around the house and the garage. You don’t think it’s a big deal, but your spouse has been after you to throw it out since before you met and there’s no room left where the lawn chairs are supposed to be.

Do not throw it out!
Wire Recycling, even in small amounts can be valuable. Rather than tripping on it or bickering about it, gather it up and take it in to be recycled. Not only will the lawn chairs fit back where they’re supposed to, you’ll have some money in your pocket to buy new ones if you wish.

Your old scrap metal stash is actually cash. No matter what your collection holds, there is probably value to it. And that means you have money just lying around.

• BX cable – Also called armored cable of “Type AC.”
• Teck cable – Made of bare copper conductors with cross linked polyethylene insulation.
• High voltage cable – Used for electric transmission at (you guessed it) high voltage.
• House wire – Typical electric wire in a modern American home.
• Insulated copper – High conductivity and value.
• Aluminum wire – In use since the early 1900s. Has better conductivity than copper!
• ACSR – Aluminum conductor steel reinforced cable.
• Power cable – For portable electronics.
• Communications cable – Used in telephone and LAN cords. Often copper.
• Elevator cable – Just in case you used to have an elevator.

Do it yourself … or notscrap metal
You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you pre-sort your wire recycling, so when it comes time to take it in to be recycled (or have the recycler come to you), you know exactly what you have. Many recyclers pay a premium if you’ve done the sorting for them. And if you’re already relegated to the garage you might as well make the most of your time. Of course, if you want to bring it in as a heap of wires, you probably can, but you’ll probably get less from the recyclers.

It’s good for the neighborhood

Recycle Charlotte! Throwing perfectly good wire out when you could recycle it not only robs your pocketbook, it’s no good for the environment. It takes up space in landfills that could be used for the lawn chairs your spouse is threatening to throw out if you don’t get rid of the cables, for instance.


How Scrap Metal Salvage Can Be Profitable

Recycling is a great way to preserve the environment, as well as make some extra cash. Scrap metal salvage in particular can be a lucrative pursuit if done correctly.

You can obtain metal from many sources. For one, companies have excess materials they accumulate over time and need to recycle. Second, you can find metal in some electronic scrap-metal-salvagedevices, although in this case sometimes you may have to remove the metal manually. When looking for materials, it is best to familiarize yourself with how much each brings in per pound, as some items like copper can yield a much higher amount.

Since you receive payment by the pound, you will want to find some clients that can provide you with stable work. Again, this is where you will want to research which metals they offer, as copper can go for as as $2.00- $3.00 a pound and can yield much better payouts. You can search through your yellow pages or ask around to find companies in your area that have metal scrap such as manufacturing companies, electricians and mechanics. You can also start smaller by asking your neighbors for their excess metal laying around their house, garage or yard.

If you decide to approach businesses, do so in a professional manner. Bring a flyer or professional letter and explain to them why you are providing this service and how it can benefit them. By having a professional and friendly demeanor, it will be easier to pick up clients.  Ultimately, helping companies dispose of their scrap metal in a responsible manner can be lucrative if you do your research and find the right clients.

What success tips can you share about salvaging scrap metal?

How to Find the Best Scrap Metal Company

Finding the best scrap metal company relies heavily on how many are available to you around your area. Search for a scrap metal company that is built upon integrity, professionalism, and honesty. You want to select the one that offers the most money for your metal along with additional services, and a place that will allow you to observe the weighing while it is taking place. scrap-metal-companyThere are other things to look for when searching for the best metal company.

Begin with the metal company’s reputation. Search online to see reviews on the company. Maybe others you know can recommend a good place to use. Then compare pricing among nearby metal companies and check what other services they provide such as pick up services and immediate cash payments upon weighing. A good metal company will focus on the services they provide to their customers along with customer satisfaction. They will help you unload the scrap metal if you choose to deliver it yourself. The facility will be clean and parking will be convenient for unloading.

The best scrap metal company will offer services to contractors, commercial businesses, factories, and the general public. They will also purchase all types of metals, not turning anything away even though they have plenty of it. The best company will pay you for anything from aluminum to copper and stainless steel to bronze.

Would you want to use a metal company that gives you good customer service, but offers you a lower price for your metal? You should probably aim for one that offers both. Maybe driving a little further away for one that does offer both qualities will be worth the drive or maybe they offer the service of picking it up for you. Finding the best company for your scrap metal recycling will require some calling around, researching online, and asking people you know that have used various metal recycling companies.

How To Get A Metal Pick-Up At Your Home Or Business

metal pick upIf you’re like most people, you’re interested in being a little more eco-friendly – but not so much so that you’re willing to bathe in rain water or chain yourself to a bulldozer. Sure, you may have purchased a couple of recycling bins and stopped buying bottled water, but that’s about as far into the green side as you’re willing to travel. So, if you have some scrap metal lying around your home or business place, you’re probably also not the type to take an hour or two out of your already hectic day to haul the stuff across town.

Luckily for you, our scrap metal company offers a friendly metal pick up service for both businesses as well as individuals that have over a certain amount of weight. Simply give us a call, and we’ll schedule a pick up as soon as possible. That means less time worrying over the logistics of loading your scrap metal into a rented truck and more time tending to your work (or watching syndicated episodes of “Star Trek” in your Snuggie – we don’t judge.)

Oh yeah, and you also get paid. That’s right, we’ll pay you! We offer the best scrap metal prices for your old car parts, construction scrap, cables, jewelry – whatever metal junk you have sitting around, we’ll take it off your hands and grease your palms with a little something in return. Now if only someone would pay you for all of those other environmental practices you’ve been avoiding, right? Then you just might reconsider that rain water bath after all.

Give us a call today and let’s chat about your metal pick up so you can stop worrying about how to get rid of your scrap and focus on this: How will you spend the money you earn from your scrap metal?

How To Get Paid The Highest Scrap Metal Prices

best price tagThe truth of the matter is that, at Southern Resources, scrap metal really does pay – and if you answered yes to either of the above questions, then you should be over the roof. In this day in age, it’s absurd that something so simple can actually pay real money. It’s like magic, really. One moment you’re holding a pile of junk that you probably couldn’t even pawn off onto your least intelligent neighbor, and the next moment it’s cash in your wallet. However, before you run off to hop the next flight to Vegas, take some time to consider a few more tips on how to get paid the best scrap metal prices.

  1. Sort your metal. Separate copper wires and sort each type of metal into a different designated pile. For easy transportation, put your metal scraps into containers as you sort. By pre-sorting, you will be guaranteed to be paid the best for each piece. Failing to sort may mean missing some very key metals.
  2. Clean the metal. If you toss us a pile of rusty, tetanus-riddled junk then you probably won’t get as much as if you were to clean the metal and separate metals from nonmetal or dissimilar metal attachments.
  3.  Know the alloy designation number. Every metal alloy has it’s own special designation number for easy classification. By knowing the designation number, you save us time and effort – and this translate into higher scrap metal prices.

Finally, get yourself together and get down to Southern Resources. We’ll pay you fast and we’ll pay you fair. Not to mention, we treat each and every customer with honesty and respect. If you’re looking to turn trash into cash – we have just the answer.

What sorts of scrap metal do you have lying around?

How To Get Paid Top Prices for Scrap Metal in Charlotte

It’s no secret that recycling scrap metal can be a profitable sideline for those who have learned how to turn unwanted ‘junk’ into cash and in Charlotte, there are a number of scrap metal dealers that are willing and able to help you do your part.  It’s a great way to put some money in your pocket while, at the same time, clean up your environment and lessen the load that’s being stuffed into the local landfills.

Finding scrap metal to sell isn’t too difficult and, for some, may be as easy as looking around your property for stuff that’s just been lying around taking up space and maybe even creating an eyesore that the wife has been after you to get rid of for years.  It could be an old washing machine or refrigerator, a rusty bicycle or old junk car parts.  Maybe a whole car has been sitting there rusting away and, while you’ve meant to do something about it you weren’t crazy about forking out the dough to have someone come tow it away.  How about selling it for scrap?  Rather than having to pay someone to come and do your dirty work, you can have them come get it and actually pay you for the pleasure of watching it go down the road one final time.

Of the many scrap metal Charlotte operations doing business today, there’s really only one company to consider and they’re called Southern Resources, located at 3826 Raleigh St.  Here are just a few reasons why they are considered to be the number one scrap metal recycler in Charlotte:

  • Centrally located, family owned and operated
  • Accepts any form and quantity of all base metals, precious metals and electronics
  • Has the best scrap metal prices and even advertises competitors’ rates
  • Employees will help unload your scrap, no appointment necessary.  Better yet, call ahead and they may Scrap Metal Charlottepick up at your location
  • All employees hired for their friendly personalities and a willingness to treat clients with honesty and respect
  • Southern Resources is happy to educate you on ways to be a profitable and successful scrap metal seller

The key to getting the best prices for scrap metal in Charlotte (or anywhere else, for that matter) is to deal with the most honest, knowledgeable and up-front scrap metal dealer that also happens to guarantee the best rates out there.  In the Carolina’s, that company is Southern Resources.  Why go anywhere else?

How To Get The Most Cash For Gold

While “cash 4 gold” might sound like the name of some old infomercial from the 1980’s, getting cash for goldcash for gold is something that people do every day. Often people will hold onto gold; try to keep relic items in the family. However if you have gold that you just don’t need, for any reason, it might be a good idea to try and sell it. But how do you know you’re getting the best price for your gold? How are you able to tell? Consider these four tips to getting the best prices on your cash for gold.

Have it Appraised – One of the best ideas for what to do about gold is always make sure you have some kind of documentation as to your items true value. If you have documentation from when you bought the piece as to weight and purity; that’s great. If you don’t it’s a good idea to take your gold piece to a jeweler (maybe the jeweler where you purchased the piece) and see what they say the value of your gold is. Jewelers or appraisers are generally non-partisan and will go with the book value as well as their somewhat subjective opinion of condition.

Have it Objectively Priced – Once you’ve done this, take the gold to the place you want to sell it and ask them what they will pay you for it. Do so before showing them your appraisal.

gold for cashThen Show the Appraisal – If the offer seems fair, that’s great. If it sounds like they may be trying to pull a fast one on you, whip out the appraisal and tell them you had an objective third party give you this information.

Get Multiple Offers – Another way to ensure you’re getting the best cash for gold offer is to field multiple offers. Once you’ve gotten the offers, show them a competing offer. Most good jewelers and purchasers are pretty fair about doing an apples to apples ‘best price guarantee.’ If someone was trying to rip you off though they are likely to try and downplay someone else’s offer or take their own offer off the table right away.

Have you ever before tried to get cash for gold? What was your experience in trying to sell your gold? Did someone try to take advantage of you?

How to Recycle Ferrous Steel

Ferrous steel contains iron. Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This is due to the great demand of this material and the economical effect it has on steel expenses. It is less expensive to recycle steel than to engage in mining. Mining requires a lot of manpower and very expensive machinery; not to mention that excavation sites increasingly face depletion. The recyclingof steel, therefore, helps in reducing energy consumption. Ferrous steel can be recycled in the following ways:

  • Collection, grading and shredding

All metallic materials are collected in one heap. Thisrecycle-ferrous-steel mixed up content means that you will need to identify ferrous steel in these components so as to get a good quality product at the end. Which is the best way to do this? You can do this through the use of electromagnetic forces that attract ferrous materials separately, according to thier grade or content. Human identification can also be used but it is a slow and tedious process. After sorting, the material is shredded.

  • Melting

This is done with a large furnace in which the ferrous steel material is exposed to immense temperatures. One is permitted to choose the most suitable way on how to fire up the furnace, keeping economic and environment influences in mind. Use of coal is economical but has a lot of adverse effects to the environment. Electricity and gas can also be used to light up your furnace but these are more costly means. You should make sure you heat it up to the correct temperature so as to attain the best product. After completion of melting you can extract a sample for testing to see whether it has attained optimum quality. Quality assessment is very important for purity and the chemical makeup check.

After being melted and graded for purity and content, the steel is ready to be used for manufacturing. Recycled ferrous steel has a wide range of uses and can be recycled for as many times as you want.

Do you have a specific question regarding the recycling of ferrous steel? Just look up your local scrap company or recycling company, or send us a message.

How To Recycle For High Junk Metal Prices

Junk metal prices are at an all time high price compared to any other time in history and there is lots of cash for metal to be made. Salvage yards and junkyards are always paying money to those who are bold enough to move into the scrap metal trading business. While picking up junk metal may not seem to be a lucrative initiative, collecting enough may land you some hefty profits. Like any other business, strategy is key. You have to know the best junk metal pricestime to recycle for the best junk metal prices and where to look for the most valuable junk metal. What better time to do some research than when scrap metal prices are so high?

These tips come in handy to make more from your junk metals:

  • Check with your local recycling center to find out current junk metal prices and settle for the one that offers the highest prices. Get prices for the metals that you have at hand and don’t rely on older rates because these prices are always changing.
  • Separate metals can be more valuable, so have them weighed and priced separately. If you don’t do this, the whole lot will be categorized as general metal and thus the prices will be lower.
  • If you are dealing with cars, first check to make sure the scrap metal recycler accepts cars.  Then, make sure to bring titles for those not more than 10 years old. Older vehicles are acceptable even without the titles.
  • junk metalOld tools and junk cars may be obvious sources for your metal but if you are hoping for higher junk metal prices, then you need to get more creative. Think in terms of bedding frames, cooking pots and pans, old gutters, boats, porch furniture, old appliances and generally look in places where other junk collectors will not think to look.
  • Be attentive when your cars and junk lots are being weighed to avoid having a lesser weight than it really is, on your ticket. With so many truckloads being processed at recycling centers, it is not impossible for some of your junk weight to end up on someone else’s ticket.

There is currently a big boom in the junk metal business and with the good junk metal prices, anytime is a good time to recycle.

How to Sell Non-Ferrous Scrap

Non Ferrous Scrap, or scrap metal that does not stick to a magnet, is a highly valued commodity in the scrap metal recycling industry. Sold by the pound, it is literally thousands of times more valuable than its ferrous counterparts, and is easily acquired in certain industries. Separating non ferrous scrap from ferrous scrap (by magnet testing, or just by doing a small amount of research) instantly increases the value of the scrap and makes it easier and more pleasant to deal with a scrap metal company.

Non-ferrous scrap metal sales are easy to make if you know where to go. Several charitable organizations, as well as for profit industries, will buy your scrap in bulk or in individual orders, depending on the company’s needs. Several publications, such as American Metal Market (AMM), Platts Metalsnon-ferrous-metals Week and Scrap Magazine, pinpoint current markets and buyers based on your location and scrap capabilities. These, and other resources, such as the CARI and ISRI websites, enable you to retail your scrap easily and quickly.

Another consideration when going into NFS sales is to look into governmental contracts. The popularity of urban farming and other “green” considerations means that more and more federal and state agencies are trying to work recycled materials into public works projects and general infrastructure. Additionally, green initiatives mean that your sale of non ferrous scrap may be eligible for any number of tax deductions or exemptions and other incentives.

Sale of scrap, both ferrous and non ferrous, is a rapidly growing market. Getting a jump on the market and on your competition is the path to an incredibly profitable and socially conscious career in the field of green industry.

Is Your Junk Dealer Your Best Friend? They Should Be!

junk dealerYou may not realize it, but your garage or basement may be full of scrap metal and old treasures worth their weight in cold hard cash. If you haven’t cleaned the house lately, maybe it’s time to grab more than a dustpan and broom. Go ahead and load down the pickup truck because someone out there may just pay you a handsome ransom for items you don’t use anymore. In fact, a savvy junk dealer is about to become your new best friend.

Once you begin gathering odds and ends that you don’t use anymore, you’ll be amazed at how much money your junk dealer will pay for old tools, wiring, and metals you can easily recycle. Start packing boxes and don’t stop with what you have hidden away in your man cave, household and personal items can be worth a fortune, too.

Take your old gold and silver jewelry to your junk dealer, and don’t forget to search for those old silver dollars and gold coins, too. After you rummage through the wife’s jewelry box (with her permission of course) consider invading another one of her favorite places- the kitchen! Your junk dealer will pay a fair price for the items found there, old appliances and cookware could put some extra cash in your pocket.

In today’s economy, everyone can use some extra spending money. The real question is, what are you willing to sell? Right now copper, steel, iron, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, and bronze are in high demand. Look around and see what you can find that might appeal to a junk dealer. scrap metal

If you aren’t sure, then ask questions. In fact, leave a comment and ask here. If you want to know if a certain item will appeal to a junk dealer you can always search the internet for information, but the best way to test your junk for value is to talk to the experts. Ask folks who have sold scrap metal if they have any advice for you. Chances are, someone will be glad to tell you. Many people are making good money by selling their scrap metal.  Isn’t it time you cashed in, too? What kind of junk are you keeping under wraps? What might you sell today?

contact us

Know The Difference Between Scrap Wire Prices And Copper Prices?

Scrap Wire PricesOver the years, you may have heard that recycling wire can earn you extra cash. That is a correct statement and for some people this task has proven to be quite lucrative. Before jumping onto this band wagon however, it is important to equip yourself with the proper knowledge. For instance, there are various types of wire. In order to make your recycling endeavors the most profitable, it is good to know the difference between typical scrap wire prices and copper prices.

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire is more cost effective and weighs less than copper. Therefore, it is a top choice among utility companies for power grids and transmission of electricity. It can also be found in most houses that were built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Additionally, aluminum wire is often used in aircraft because of it’s conductivity to weight ratio. Scrap wire prices for aluminum typically ranges from 35 cents to 50 cents per pound. Considering that it doesn’t take long to gather a pound of wire, this rate can add up quickly.

Copper Wire
copper recycling

Copper wire is the ultimate find when you are looking for fast cash. There are two types of copper wire. #1 Copper wire is the most profitable, selling for an average of $2.70 per pound. What makes #1 worth more is the fact that it contains no contaminants such as plating or attached connectors. Conversely, #2 Copper wire does contain connectors, lead and is plated often with tin. Because it is not as ‘clean’, you can expect to earn approximately $2.45 per pound for it. Copper is used in electrical wire, telecommunications and cable conductors. Also, copper is heavy. Therefore, with just a little time and effort, copper recycling could earn you some big bucks.

As you can see, knowing the differences between scrap wire prices and copper prices can definitely benefit your pocket. Fortunately, you are sure to make some extra cash no matter which one you recycle. Now that you have a bit more knowledge under your belt,  where will you begin your wire recycling adventure?


Know The Differences Between Metal Recycling Rates

all-metals-recyclingMetal recycling has increased over time as ‘going green’ has become ever more popular. By knowing the differences between the various metal recycling rates, you can learn which metal will make you the most money. While gathering heavy weight metal such as steel and iron may bring you a good amount of money, some other more valuable metal may bring you more, in lesser quantities. As junk metal recycling rates are based on demand of the base metal of the scrap, scrap metal values vary.

What are some recognizable differences between metal? Some differences can be determined by estimating weight, analyzing color and characteristics, and where they are typically found. For example, aluminum is silver, very lightweight, and is most often used for storm doors, rain gutters, and soda cans. Copper is brownish-red and most often found in plumbing. Iron is very heavy, is magnetic and rusts easily.

Recycling common metal such as steel, and iron can help you earn a decent amount of money as will recycling rarely found types of metal including chromium and tungsten. The problem is that rare metal is often hard to come by, as it is rarely found as scrap. Regardless, if you happen to have a good amount of any metal that you want to recycle, then look for a local scrap metal dealer, such as Southern Resources, and inquire about their storage and pick-up services, as well as their current metal recycling rates.

metal-recyclingOther types of metal to consider are:

Brass – which is medium weight and can be found on door knobs and sink drains

Bronze – which is often found in water fittings and fire hose couplings

Stainless steel – which is used on hub caps, car parts, range covers, and even beer kegs

Magnesium – which is a flammable metal that is lightweight and silver colored

By accumulating all of this metal for recycling, you will likely earn a hefty amount of money; depending on the amount you gather. By learning which metal is most valuable to scrap metal dealers, you can be more certain of the value of the scrap metal you collect.

In an ever changing market with constant fluctuations in economic trends, metal recycling rates, too, will vary. It’s worth your while to develop an ongoing relationship with a trusted recycling facility, so that you may be kept current on such changes.

Have you asked yourself, “What’s my scrap metal worth?” If so, Southern Resources can help.

Know Where To Sell Your Scrap Metal, Charlotte

Scrap Metal CharlotteNow that you have scoured the neighborhood, torn your house apart collecting materials that are either broken or unused and donated your time at a local business removing their scrap metal, what will you do with it? Recycling is terrific for the environment and it’s also great for your pocket. But, where you deliver your material will determine just how profitable this hobby or side job can actually be. Therefore, you need to know where to sell your scrap metal in Charlotte.

Excellent Customer Service
When you arrive at the scrap yard, it is good to know that you will be treated with respect. There is nothing better than walking into a place full of smiling faces and helpful people. The staff at a good facility will not take advantage of you. Instead, they will gladly answer your questions and help you accurately identify your scrap metal, so you can get paid top dollar for your scrap.

Weight scales in View

You will want to know that you are not being ripped off when you go to sell your scrap metal. An honest recycling facility will have scales for weighing your metal in a location where you can see them. Better yet, the scales will be designed with large, clear displays that you can easily read directly from where you stand. By clearly scrap metalwatching as your items are weighed, you can be certain that you will receive the right amount for your scrap metal.

Going Above and Beyond
After you have spent a long day collecting metal, it is likely that you will be exhausted. A reputable company will not only treat you right, they will even do some of the work for you. For example, helping you to unload your scrap. With every load you deliver whether large or small, the staff will help you unload it, get you paid and get you on your way.

With all the companies to choose from for scrap metal in Charlotte, you can go to a reputable, honest company that will treat you with kindness and respect. On top of that, they will make sure that you get paid top dollar for every load. What are some of the best recycling experiences in Charlotte you’ve had?

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Metal Recycling Business Is Big Business!

Metal Recycling BusinessAs you know, recycling is very beneficial to the environment. People everywhere are becoming more and more aware of the importance of recycling. However, not everyone has the time to recycle and others simply do not know how to go about it. Fortunately for you, this provides an open door to begin your own metal recycling business.

Metal recycling is an excellent way to earn additional income. You can earn as little or as much as you want, considering that in a years time the United States alone recycles about 150 million metric tons of material. These materials are made up of various types of metals, which have specific rates associated with them. Your metal recycling business can be substantially more profitable if you know how much each metal is worth. For instance, each pound of non-magnetic stainless steel sells for an average of 50 cents, whereas Grade 1 Copper pays approximately $2.80 per pound. Keep in mind also that metal is heavy, so accumulating a pound does not take long.

Now that you have an idea of the financial benefits, you may be wondering how to get started. Much of the material needing to be recycled comes from businesses. Therefore, companies in your area likely have large amounts of unused metal lying around.  However, many businesses do not have the time or manpower needed to recycle it and would be happy to have you haul it off for them. By offering to collect the material, sort it and carry it away for them, you should be able to develop your client list in no time.
metal recycling
Households are the other large contributor to the massive amounts of materials used each day. Drive around your neighborhood and you will surely find several metal items resting on curbs and standing next to homes. People have hectic lives and finding spare time to take materials to a recycling center may be rather difficult and not a top priority on their day off. But, most people do not like clutter, so when you knock on their door to offer your recycling service there is a good chance they will accept your offer with no hesitation.

With just a little time and effort, you should be able to build a nice size client list for your metal recycling business.  Now that you know how to start, will you begin your recycling business?


Metal Recycling Charlotte NC – More Scrap Yards Popping Up

hybrid car salesThese days, it seems like people are making more environmentally conscious choices. Hybrid vehicles are being gobbled up at lightning speed, households are working to reduce their energy consumption, and several cities have begun imposing recycling ordinances. Some of these changes are due to an organic interest in the future of the planet, and other changes are birthed from financial struggles. Regardless, every small step towards change is one in the right direction.

If you’re seeking new ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or pad your wallet, you’ll be happy to know that selling your old junk metal and electronics to scrap yards can result in some serious cash. When it comes to metal recycling, Charlotte NC is quickly becoming one of the most active cities in the movement. It seems as though every time you turn around, there’s another scrap metal yard at your service. However, before you begin eagerly selling your scrap metal by the truckload, ask yourself the following questions:

Are they paying top dollar? Some scrap yards boast that they pay the highest rates of any company in the area, but you may need to call their bluff by doing your research. Be sure to call around and gather up plenty of quotes before you choose a scrap yard. You want to ensure you’re getting the best payment for metal recycling Charlotte NC has to offer.

Are they eco-friendly? The primary purpose behind recycling your scrap metal is to help theMetal Recycling Charlotte NC environment – and maybe earn a little cash in the process. If the scrap yard you choose isn’t using eco friendly practices then they really aren’t worth your time.

Do they offer outstanding customer service? With so many scrap yards competing for your service, you can afford to be picky. Don’t settle for businesses that treats you with anything less than the utmost respect. When it comes to metal recycling, Charlotte NC companies should be eager for your loyalty and return business.

At our metal recycling business, we vow to match any verifiable quote within a 50 mile radius, we pride ourselves on being green and we treat every customer like a business partner. If you don’t believe us, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

First, though, we want to hear your opinion – what quality is most important to you in a scrap yard?


Metal Recycling: Turning Trash Into Treasure

recycle metalDo you try to recycle everything in your home that you possibly can? Do you consider yourself a seasoned recycling professional? If so, you don’t have to stop at your own front yard. In the United States alone, there is approximately 150 million metric tons of material, including metal recycled each year. That means that most likely your neighbors and local businesses have plenty of items to be recycled. They may not have the time needed to gather and deliver their items or perhaps they simply don’t know about metal recycling.

This is where you come in. Metal recycling, as you know, is crucial for the environment. Every piece of metal that is recycled , whether big or small, benefits the earth. Therefore, you could make a substantial contribution to the world, by recycling for those around you.

Not only is metal recycling good for the environment, it is also very nice for your pocket. Each pound of metal can bring you extra cash. Considering that most metals are rather heavy, it doesn’t take any time at all to accumulate 50-100 pounds of it and the best part is, scrap metal is everywhere. If you want to make some serious money on the side, ask around. Your neighbors and even local businesses may be very interested in having extra scrap metal items carried away and recycled for them.

There are a number of ways to advertise your new-found business. Hang a steelflier on a bulletin board, discuss your idea with nearby companies and neighbors or post an ad online. At honest scrap yards like Southern Resources, you are guaranteed to earn top prices for metal recycling, so how much you want to earn is completely up to you. For some extra cash, bring a box full. To feel the need to open another back account, bring a truck load.

Once you have finished running around town and have collected the materials for the day, there’s a good chance you will be worn out. Thinking of unloading that full truck of yours may seem like a daunting task. But, fret not. Bring your delivery to Southern Resources and they will help you unload.  Everything will get taken out and accounted for, then, payment time! What will you do with all of this extra cash?

More About Metal Recycling in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC has successfully attracted an increasing number of metal-working companies for more than a decade. If you’re interested in metal recycling, Charlotte NC and/or the industry’s and city’s potential for growth, keep reading.

For metal recycling, Charlotte NC is no stranger to the fact that as of the year 2000, steel has become the most-recycled metal in the United States; for manufacturing and distribution is one of the city’s top-grossing industries. metal-recycling-charlotte-ncMore than 80% of all steel is recycled in the U.S. This steel comes from several sources including, but not limited to, old vehicles and appliances.

As with many types of recycling, metal recycling saves time and decreases the costs incurred from mining raw materials. Metals can be melted down and reused over and over again without losing their durability and are relevant components of the strong Charlotte NC economy. Low production costs keep finances flowing into the community. Therefore the cycle of drawing metal-working businesses to the area continues.

Buyers of recycled metal employ new innovations in their routine engineering processes for the manufacturing of products that improve the ease of use and functionality of a variety of items. With manufacturing and its contributor, metal recycling, Charlotte NC has become a significant wholesale center of the U.S., and the industry is expected to continue to grow over the next few years.

Need Some Cash? Price Your Scrap Gold

In recent years, the value of gold has been steadily on the incline.  Even as our economy continues to decline in many parts of the country, the value of gold keeps going up.  Perhaps you have found yourself without a job, or maybe you’re simply finding it a little bit more challenging to pay your bills. If price-of-goldyou are looking for an easy way to make some money without a lot of effort, and you want to use what is already available to you in your own home, scrap gold is an excellent option for you.

The Price Of Gold

The price of gold is frequently changing.  In fact, the price is updated twice daily.  Before you make the decision to take your scrap gold to a buyer, be sure you are aware of what the current price is. That way, you can be certain that you won’t get less than what your gold is worth, and lose money.

What Should You Sell?

Try to think outside the box a bit when you are deciding what scrap gold to sell. You want to be sure that you are not selling anything that is considered a family heirloom or other treasured item in your home. However, when you go through all of the jewelry you have, you may find that you have more to sell than you thought. Many items have gold in them, including cuff links, cheap gold trinkets, dental gold and gold coins. You may even come across some fine jewelry of which you are unaware or about which you may have forgotten.

scrap-goldFind A Reputable Buyer

This might be the most challenging part of selling your scrap gold. It can be difficult to find a buyer who is reputable and who will give you what your gold is worth. However, they are out there. Do some research, and ask around to your friends and family. Beware of online scams that promise “top dollar” for your gold.

It is very important to know exactly what the price of gold is as well as where you can go to cash in at the best price. With a little bit of research and with many people in your home pooling their gold together, you can turn that gold into cash in no time.

So, what do you plan to buy with the money from your scrap gold?

Need Some Extra Cash? Sell Scrap Metal

Sell Scrap MetalI don’t care who you are, you could probably use some extra cash because — guess what? — life costs money. Food, gas, smart phones, a new vase to replace the one you broke and you need to do it before the wife gets back from vacation. Yeah, you need extra cash. But, last time you checked, you weren’t made of money. Well, maybe it’s time to take another look.

Check out your shed, garage, basement — wherever you store all that stuff you don’t use anymore. You can sell scrap metal just laying around your house to earn extra cash. Sell scrap metal, you say? Isn’t that what rednecks do? In fact no, anyone can turn their old scrap metal into hard earned cash and who’s to say, anyway, that the scrap metal sellers haven’t had it right all along?

Scrap metal sellers come from a long line of respected professionals dealing with the responsible reuse and disposal of life’s debris and trash. The old rag-and-bone men of England used carts to collect unwanted household items to resell for later use. Now we call that a garage sale, but you can’t get rid of broken refrigerators, old bed frames and the other various scrap metal on Craigslist. metal recycle

So, instead of letting your old chest freezer kill the grass behind the shed while it collects rainwater and weeds, turn it into extra cash. You know you need it, we know you need it, and you don’t want your wife to know you need it because then she might suspect you broke the vase. So, take another look at yourself and your old scrap metal possessions and start seeing green.

Our Nation Benefits From Metal Recycling

We have become a nation of recyclers and people who treasure (worship?) recycling. We recycle everything from paper to paper clips to paper cups. Most of the time, we recycle metal recyclingbecause it feels good to do something for the planet plus we don’t want to bear the scorn of others we when don’t recycle. (I didn’t mean to throw my soda can away! Honest!) Metal recycling, though, is a treasure unto itself.

Metal is one of those fantastic resources that keeps on giving. It’s not like natural gas where once you use it, it’s gone. No, metal has life beyond it’s first use, which is why metal recycling actually nets money rather than costs money, like other forms of recycling. Metal recyclers collect scrap metal and bring it to companies like us at Southern Resources, who buy it. Then, we sell it to smelters who melt it down and turn it into other products. Then, the cycle continues again and again. You make money, we make money, we all help save the earth — everyone is happy.

scrap metal artOf course, there are all kinds of treasure out there to discover through metal recycling. There’s the cash treasure, of course — your own little steel parachute, if you will. But you can also find treasure in the scrap metal you discover. Maybe you’ll find usable metal objects like stoves, bed frames or wiring that you need yourself. Or perhaps you’ll get inspired to create art treasures through scrap metal. Many artists use discarded materials like scrap metal to create one of a kind objects to give away or sell.

Scrap metal might just be the treasure at the end of the rainbow, though what that means to each person is different. What treasures have you discovered through metal recycling?

Recycle Charlotte! How To Do Your Part And Make Some Extra Cash

Copper recyclingYou live here. You work here. Charlotte is your city and you can take pride in knowing that you do your part in maintaining it. Simple steps every day can have a major impact on the environment, the landscape and the economy as you recycle Charlotte.

Recycle Benefits

Recycling has several benefits. It conserves a considerable amount of energy, natural resources and preserves landscape. Additionally water, air pollution and greenhouse gases are all drastically reduced.

Not only does the environment benefit from recycling, but so does the economy. Recycling materials is a multiple step process and in order to do the job efficiently several employees are needed. For that reason, many jobs are created to fill these positions.

Where to Begin

There are countless ways to recycle, all around you. In your home alone, you are surrounded by hundreds of reusable metals. Now, you don’t have to go recycle everything in your home to make an impact. Just gather up what you don’t need and the unused items that clutter your home. Old computer cases, tools, cooking utensils, wiring, broken fence material and a numerous other items can be recycled.

When you’re done in your home, look outside. Does your neighbor recycle? If not, you could suggest taking the scraps off their hands. The same idea goes for businesses in your area. Companies don’t always have the time to recycle and since you can make some extra cash by selling scrap metal, their trash is truly your treasure.

Earn Extra Cash
Recycle Charlotte

Recycling scrap metal is an easy way to put money in your pocket. For example, one pound of aluminum cans is worth approximately .52 cents. Look in your fridge and put a recycling box next to your desk at work and you are well on your way to making money.

Copper recycling on the other hand can earn you big bucks without having to collect much material. With it you can make up to approximately $3.10 per pound. Gather up a bucket full of copper and can fill your wallet in no time. Copper can be found in electrical wiring, plumbing and industrial machinery.

With just a little work and time, you can make considerable contributions as you do your part to recycle Charlotte. While counting your extra cash at the end of the day, you can feel satisfied knowing that you have made your city a better place. What are your top reasons for recycling?

Recycling in Charlotte NC – Think Green While Keeping Green $$

Recycling in Charlotte NCRecycling in Charlotte, NC becomes more important every day. It not only benefits the economy by providing more jobs for the community, but it helps improve the environment. It has become a part of our every day lives to recycle cans, newspapers, and plastics, but have you thought about recycling metal? By recycling scrap metal you will help not only the environment and create jobs, but you will help save energy, conserve natural resources, and decrease carbon emissions. You can also receive money for your scrap metal. Therefore, think green while keeping green $$ in your wallet.

What do you know about scrap metal? Scrap metal can include iron, steel, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and more. Some metals are worth more than others, but every type of metal is worth recycling.

Did you know that you can also recycle your electronics?  Many companies and individuals have old computers they want to get rid of and they just throw them away when they should have recycled them. Companies and corporations can also do their part in improving their community by recycling scrap metal and electronics. So before you decide to throw out an old cd player, computer, or printer, consider taking it to get recycled and you will be happy that you did.

Consider recyling. Think Green. Act Locally

Do you have any scrap metal lying around or old electronics that you were thinking of throwing out?  Will you choose to recycle?

Recycling In Charlotte NC Puts Cash In Your Pocket

Recycling Charlotte NCPoor planet Earth. For the past several centuries, humans have been making bigger and bigger messes without cleaning up after themselves. While landfills pile up with scraps and trash, the oceans are being depleted, greenhouse gases are growing and pollution has reached an all time high. People have started to understand the error of their ways and many organizations – from small households to huge corporations – and are beginning to implement recycling tactics into their daily routine.

However, there are still many people who will continue to avoid recycling in Charlotte NC until they receive some sort of incentive. Often people would rather endure water torture than pack up all of their recyclables and haul them to a facility across town. What could possibly drive people to do the right thing, other than smiles, rainbows and good karma?

Cold hard cash should do the trick. Yes, recycling in Charlotte NC helps to Recycling In Charlotte NCslow carbon emissions and has the potential to create thousands of jobs all across the country – and these concepts alone should drive you to recycle more. However, we’re also going to throw in a little something extra. Bring your scrap metal and electronics to our center.  We weigh and sort the contents – then, we’ll pay you. That means you get the junk off your hands as well as a little cash in your pocket. So go ahead and start recycling – all of your friends are doing it (and, if they’re not, they should.)

Do you think you’ll recycle more knowing that it will get you paid?

Scrap Cable = More Money Than You Might Think

scrap cableIf you have a garage or backyard full of metallic odds-and-ends like scrap cable and other types of scrap metal, you could be sitting on something that’s actually far more valuable than the rest of your trash. Especially in this slow economic climate, the extra money you can earn from stuff you gave up on long ago could come in handy, as well as making a positive impact on the environment. This is because there are scrap metal recyclers who will buy your old and discarded metal, regardless of type.

If you’re wondering about scrap metal prices, then you should know that metal prices vary depending where you sell and a little legwork on the internet performing searches can yield lucrative differences. Regardless of any especially good deals you might expect to come across, there are some general rules that hold fast across the board, and they all center on the grade of the metal. No matter what your scrap metal was used for in its previous working lifetime, the metallic components will determine the price variation. It can have very hard carbide alloys, zinc coating used to fight off rust, or any of the more common metals like iron and steel. Even loose wire can make quite a bundle if you have enough of it; which is always a better alternative than leaving it lying around where it has been for however-many years now.

As a final tip, look for companies that buy scrap cable who have a track record of customer service, so that you can ensure you’re getting a competitive price for your wares. Even though the prices are generally set, they do undergo periodic shifts, and it would be great if you could happen upon a week when scrap cable is selling for more than the average. For obvious reasons, the closer the company is to you, the better, because only some scrap dealers will come by and pick up your scrap. It isn’t often you get the chance to be environmentally conscious while also making easy money, and scrap-buying companies give you a wonderful opportunity to do this.

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Scrap Cable Prices- Know When to Sell

Scrap Cable PricesAre you a hardworking scrapper? Often, scrappers measure their hard work by the piles of metal they have collected.  But do you know how much of your sweat can go to waste if you sell your collection of scrap at the wrong time?  Think about the scrap aluminum prices last summer: a ton of aluminum was selling at around $2000. Today, this ton may fetch you only about $1500. Look at the difference-quite big, is it? Yet, the costs of hauling the scrap metal and the risks of duty remain the same. You have to start working smart; perhaps, you need to know the signs and times of a market ripe for your collection.

Demand and Supply

Scrap cable prices, like prices of other items, obey the laws of demand and supply. You cannot expect to get the same sum of money for your scrap cables when the demand has fallen tremendously.  Fundamentally, scrap cable prices depend on the melters. When foundries and steel mills stop or reduce their melting capacities, scrap metal dealers cannot supply metals to them.  Experienced scrappers know that most price fluctuations are seasonal and so they are prepared for the peaks and valleys of the commodities market.

Cushioning Yourself from the Slump

If you do not want to give your collection of scrap metal away for painfully low prices you need to plan ahead of time. Prudent and full time scrappers know the value of saving money sold during the high season to help them to survive during the low season. Storing for the famine! Never mind the decline will pass soon and you can sell your scrap metal at higher prices.

You do not have to be a compulsive seller because of lack of money to thrive on. Sell your scrap metal as if you were doing it as a sideline: getting the value for your labor. Besides, waiting will allow you to sell your scrap cable in bulk, giving you more bargaining power.scrap metal

Tracking the Prices

How do you know when to sell your scrap metal? You have to stay abreast of news and trends in demand for metal in the worldwide market. The prices of scrap cable change daily depending on the dynamics of the market. Keep your ears out: track prices daily- that way you will know what is high and what is low when you hear it.

Best Deals

Look out for best deals. Giving top dollar for cables, Southern Resources is a great and helpful place to find out when the market is high and when it is a good time to sell your scrap.

Scrap Metal Buyers- What The Seller Should Know

scrap metalWhen you deliver a load of material to a scrap yard, you want to know that you are getting the money you deserve from scrap metal buyers. If you pull up to a scrap yard with unsorted buckets of various materials, you may deprive yourself of some extra cash. Here are some tips that are sure to pay off.

Identify Scrap
Metal comes in many different forms and each type has a different price associated with it. Knowing which types of metals you have collected, will make selling it at a scrap yard much quicker and substantially more profitable.

First and foremost, get a magnet. This will be your key to sorting ferrous metal which contains iron, and non-ferrous metal which does not contain iron. Non-ferrous metal is generally more expensive than ferrous. Use the magnet to test your scrap. If the magnet sticks to it, you either have steel or iron. The magnet will not stick to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper or silver.

  • Steel/Iron – Often used in appliances, tools and large structures such as bridges and railways.
  • Aluminum – Used for transportation, packaging, cooking utensils, poles and electronic cases, just to name a few.
  • Copper – Often found in wiring, electronics and sometimes in cookware. Copper is normally pink, red or brown in color. Bright copper often found in wiring, has the most value.
  • Brass and Bronze – Found in pipe valves, musical instruments and decorative household items. Brass is typically yellowish in color, whereas bronze is medium brown.

Separate the Scrap
As you identify each piece, sort them into separate piles. This will give you a better idea of exactly what you have and will guarantee you get the most cash from the scrap metal buyers. It will also make the process at the scrap yard much quicker.
Scrap Metal Buyers
Remove All Attachments
Be sure to remove all attachments from the metal scraps. This is a dual purpose step. First of all, there may be attachments with different alloys which need to be put into their appropriate piles. Secondly, the cleaner the metal is, the more value it has. Therefore, remove all plastic, rubber, and steel attachments prior to selling them.

By following these steps, you can get the most profit from scrap metal buyers. Now that you know where to begin, what will you start collecting today?

Scrap Metal Companies: How Do You Know They Are Paying You Fairly?

Scrap Metal CompaniesAre you being paid a fair price for your scrap metal?  Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to know.  That’s why you need to do business with a company you can trust.  You can trust Southern Resources.  We are metal recycling specialists, but more than that, we are a family.  Southern Resources is family owned and family operated, and we stand behind our family name.

This is not one of your typical scrap metal companies.  We care about you, the customer,  as well as the environment.  We had the customer in mind when we scheduled our operating hours.  We are conveniently open to the public six days a week, including every holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  When you need to make a drop off or schedule a pick up, we want to be ready and able to assist you.  If you decide to drop off your scrap metal, we will gladly assist you in the unloading, or, you may choose from one of our many container pick-up services.

Scrap Metal Companies like Southern Resources take pride in being honest, fair, and efficient.  But, don’t take our word for it, do the research and see for yourself that we are a great company, with exemplary services and more than fair prices.  We encourage you to check the surrounding area for competitive prices.  In addition, we use certified scrap metal scales to weigh your crap metals.  Our scales give accurate readouts, which makes our prices fair and payment transactions quick.

Our Scrap Metal Company, accepts and recycles 33 different base metals, as well as electronics. Recycling is not only good for our customers, it is also good for our planet.  Therefore, we enjoy doing business with individuals as well as businesses.  There is no business too small or too large.  We value each and every customer.

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Scrap Metal Company Makes History With World’s Largest QR Code

It is official; The rooftop of Southern Resources Metal Recycling is now the proud home of the world’s largest QR code! The idea, which was originally conceived in February of QR Code2011 has at last become a reality, thanks to the team efforts of both Southern Resources scrap metal recycling, and Hackerspace Charlotte. The QR code is the second collaboration between Southern Resources and Hackerspace.

A QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned and read via smart phone applications. QR codes have quickly been gaining popularity over the last year or so. The codes allow cell phone users to quickly access information about a product or company that they are interested in.

For Southern Resources, a North Carolina scrap metal recycling center, the main purpose behind the QR code was to capture their community’s attention and generate buzz for the Charlotte Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers is a local organization dedicated to the safety of its community. The not-for-profit organization relies solely on donations, and Southern Resources hopes that the  publicity attained through the QR code gimmick will help the Crime Stoppers to raise more funding for their cause.

The world’s largest QR code, however, has proven itself to be much more than just simply a publicity stunt. Beyond their intent to lend a had to a community organization, Southern Resources and Hackerspace just may have stumbled upon a new way for the world to share information.
southern resources qr code
The oversized rooftop barcode measures one hundred feet on each side, or a total of ten thousand square feet in area. The area of the QR code trumps the previous record holder (Fiera Balzano Spa in Italy) which was a meager 180.94 square feet in area.

The immense size of the rooftop QR code is what has made it the first and very only of its kind to be able to be seen and scanned on Google Earth. Because over one billion cell phone users who have Google Earth applications on their cell phones are now able to scan codes from Google Earth, Southern Resource’s world record may very well turn out to be a technological game changer.

For more information on the record breaking code and to view a picture of the incredible feat, visit the world’s largest QR code website. What kind of information would you like to be able to scan from Google Earth?

Scrap Metal Prices Fluctuate – Make Your Scrap Yard Your Friend

scrap metal pricesWhat do you mean, “People don’t just hang out at scrap yards?”

Scrap yards are awesome, at least if they’re run by awesome people. Besides all the neat stuff lying around that might be just the thing to fix up that old car you’ve been working on, or the perfect addition to your latest art project, they’re also a great way of making a little extra money these days. Scrap metal is everywhere, and a scrap yard can turn it into cash in your pocket.

Sure, there are a lot of places – especially online – which claim to turn your scrap metal into money, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Scrap metal prices are based on national and international commodities markets, and they change pretty much every day. Even if you’re trying to keep up with current rates, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting anywhere near the legitimate market price of your scrap through companies located hundreds of miles away from you.

So instead of fussing around with market rates and dealers you can’t really hold accountable, if you’re looking to make money selling scrap, why not just become friendly with your local scrap yard?

After all, there’s a lot more to a scrap yard than piles of metal lying around everywhere!

Well, OK, perhaps there’s not lot more, but it’s all about the presentation. Maybe you’ve been to scrap yards before run by burly guys with tattoos and large dogs you don’t want to get near. These sorts of places give scrap yards a bad name. Awesome scrap yards run contests. They encourage recycling. They work with localscrap metal artists.

And, perhaps most importantly, they help you make money during rough economic times.

So the next time you come across a bail of old wire, or you find a stack of old lead dishes in your attic, or you finally decide that “classic” you’ve been playing with is never going to ride again, don’t fret over how to get rid of your scrap metal while still getting a good price for it. Just make a connection with your friendly neighborhood scrap yard, one with transparent pricing, and you’ll always have somewhere to take these newly discovered treasures.

You might even see something amazing that you never even knew existed.

Have you ever been to a scrap yard that made you want to come back to visit?   

Scrap Metal Salvage: Get Rid Of Your Metal Scraps and Make Money

scrap metal salvage

People are always scoping out the best deals and looking for ways to make extra money. There are several ways of doing this, some rather easy and others that require additional schooling. But, what if you could make good money, simply by getting rid of the clutter in your home? Make your house look nice and get paid. If that sounds like a good deal to you, consider scrap metal salvage.

You can get rid of your metal scraps and make money, as much or as little as you want. In and around your home, you are most likely surrounded by metal. Metal is used to produce the majority of items you use every day such as computers, pots and pans, silverware, chairs, tools, fencing and demolition scrap. All of these items can earn you extra cash and if by chance you have a junk car sitting outside collecting dust, you may have hit the jackpot.

Each type of metal is worth a different price when sold to a salvage yard. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth and therefore the most used. With aluminum you can make anywhere from 30 cents to 50 cents per pound. Copper is the most costly metal and the highest quality which is Grade 1 sells for approximately $2.80 per pound. Additionally, copper wire which is often found in electronics can earn you up to $1.50 per pound. Considering that metal is scrap metalgenerally heavy, it does not take long to accumulate a pound to be sold for scrap metal salvage. By educating yourself with the different elements in the various metals and their specific worth, you can make a considerable amount of cash.

After you have collected a load of scrap metal, be sure to research local companies to sell your scraps to. To ensure that you get top dollar for your material, you will want to go to a facility you can trust. Look for a place that will help you by giving you information about your metals and who will allow you to watch as your metals are being weighed. A facility where you are treated with respect, is a facility that will pay you what you deserve.

Now that you know how easy it can be to earn some extra cash through scrap metal salvage, what are you waiting for? Where will you spend your first payment?


Scrap Metal Services Behind the Scenes

Scrap metal services are important as they enable many people to deal with their scrap metal efficiently by allowing them to dispose of their scrap metal in an environmentally friendly way. At Southern Resources, we provide the best services to our clients. Unlike some other recycling facilities, we accept all forms of scrap metal, including electrical and electronic equipment. As scrap metal is quite useful in the production and manufacturing of new products, we literally deem all scrap metal and metal based products as being valuable to the recycling industry. It’s for this reason that we provide additional services such as consulting and analysis, to current or potential clients. While these additional services are not traditional benefits of scrap metal services, it is just one more example of how Southern Resources values small businesses and individuals as much as larger industries.

With on-site consulting for our clientelle, we offer solutions to your recycling needs. Through careful observation and evaluation of your current situation, a recycling plan is formulated regarding organization, storage and scheduling. Storage bins are provided for those who benefit from their use and a pick-up schedule is created.

A team of experts is on hand for analysis of all scrap metal, in order to determine its composition within .002% accuracy. This service, provided with competitive pricing, allows you to get the best value for your scrap metal. What was once the source of problem has become a lucrative solution, thanks to the additional services of Southern Resources.

In addition to the recycling of traditional scrap metal, we also accept electrical components, scrap wiring, electronic circuit boards, and computer hardware. By accepting, literally, almost all forms of scrap metal, Southern Resources provides a “green” solution to individuals, industries, and the environment. There is a demand in communities for the recycle solution to the disposal of scrap metal; both ecomically and environmentally.

The scrap metal services are beneficial in that:

  • They reduce clutter

Old metal lying around congests the surroundings and these services ensure that there is a reduction of such debris.

  • Environmental friendly

These services strive to provide recycling of “all” scrap metal, including computer hardware and circuit boards, which might otherwise cause harm to the environment by being stored in landfills.

  • Production of new productsscrap-metal-services

Some recycling leads to the production of metal that is used to manufacture new products, while other materials may be refurbished and reused as a part of newly manufactured products.

  • Cost reduction

Use of the scrap metal services ensures that manufacturers have more available supply of materials which otherwise might be scarce. This availability leads to an overall reduction of manufacturing costs which trickles down to the consumer, for future product purchases.

At Southern Resources, we have worked out all aspects of recycling, making it possible and profitable for individuals and companies to recycle scrap metal. With the reliability and high level of customer service that we provide, it only makes sense to recycle.

What’s stopping you from recycling your scrap metal?

Scrap Metal Trading is Big Business

The scrap metal industry has enjoyed steady growth over the last couple of decades. Estimates range from 6200 to 8000 scrap metal trading companies operating in the U.S. today, with total revenues expected to exceed $82 billion in 2012.

Although there are still quite a few smaller scrap metal trading companies around, thescrap-metal-trading recession beginning in 2008-2009 resulted in a huge drop in scrap metal prices.  This drove a lot of small of players out of business. Hoovers estimates that the top 50 scrap metal companies represented nearly 45% of the total industry revenues in 2011.

Scrap metal comes from a wide variety of sources. The two major categories of scrap metal are industrial scraps and “obsoletes” (old cars, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and the like). About 87-88% of scrap metal is iron or steel (ferrous metal), and the remaining 12-13% is nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel and zinc. While the recycled ferrous metal has some value for industrial use, the recycled nonferrous metals are quite valuable and represent the majority of the profits for the scrap metal traders.

Scrap metal prices can be very volatile. Before the recession, prices peaked out at $700 per metric ton in late 2007, and then dropped all the way to $250 per metric ton in 2010. Scrap metal salvage prices have rebounded strongly in the last couple of years and are now trading above $400 per metric ton, largely due to increased demand from Asian economies like China and India and much higher prices for nonferrous metals like copper and zinc.

The growing worldwide trend toward recycling has been a significant boomto the scrap metal trading industry as it has helped keep demand reasonably good even in a recessionary environment. By the same token, scrap metal trading is an environmentally friendly business, as the environmental impact of recycling and reprocessing metals is much less than mining ores and producing the metals from scratch.

Are you ready to join the scrap metal revolution? All signs point to continued growth in the scrap metal industry. The international push toward recycling is only going to increase in the future, and an increased industrial demand for metals is also highly likely as the consumer economies of China, India and Latin America start to come into their own.

Scrap Metal- Recycle It!

scrap metalWhen you hear the term “scrap metal,” you probably begin conjuring up images of old aircrafts, automobile parts and waste from construction. You may assume that you have absolutely no scrap metal around your home or business, but don’t speak too soon. Scraps come in many forms – from soda or beer cans and old metal furniture to the tangles of wires and cables that have been littering the corner of your garage for the better part of a decade. To you this sounds like a heap of trash, but isn’t that exactly what scrap is after all?

For most people, these scraps have been collecting dust in basements and utility closets for years. Eventually, someone may haul this junk to the nearest dump where it can collect dust for many more years and simultaneously pollute the earth. Instead of contributing to our planet’s already precarious trash situation, why not recycle? In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, recycling your scrap metal can also earn you a pretty penny. Not a bad reward for tossing some old junk, eh?

We’re strong believers in being rewarded for doing good. That’s why we offer our customers great incentives for choosing to recycle. In addition to paying you for your old scraps, we also hold community fundraisers and contests for exciting prizes. Bring us your metal scrap, and discover how great it feels to recycle.

What will you do with all of your free space after you get rid of your old scraps?


Scrap Metal: More Money Than Your Day Job

While you may not have won the last big Mega Millions jackpot, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money out of almost nothing. In fact, unlike the lottery, there are a few ways to make quick cash without scrap metalspending a single dime. I know this is starting to sound a little bit like a Craigslist scam, but the truth of the matter is that selling scrap metal is an extremely simple (and fun) way to make extra money – and it doesn’t require you to send your social security number over some seedy international chat room.

Here’s the deal – tons of people toss out old junk on a regular basis and fail to realize its true value. It’s hard to imagine that a few old car parts or the sad remains of a home demolition could be good for anything more than a nasty case of tetanus, much less a small fortune. Instead of letting your old metal trash rust in a pile in your backyard or amidst a stinking landfill, consider selling it to metal recycling specialists.  Check here to compare national and local scrap metal prices.

Here at Southern Resources, we will not only will we take your scrap metal off your hands free of charge, we’ll pay you handsomely. Simply drop off your load of old scrap metal or, if you’re a company with a large amount of junk, we’ll be happy to schedule a pick up. We get your old trash, and you walk away a little richer – everybody’s happy!

Scrap Wire Produces Big Prices

Reasons why scrap wire prices are on the increase

Due to the increase in industrialization in the world, natural resources are becoming less and less available. One of the most sought after scrap metal is copper, which is mainly obtained scrap-wire-pricesfrom old wiring. The growing demand of this metal has resulted in the increased use of scrap metal copper in other highly valued operations. This, in effect, has emanated in an increase in scrap wire prices. The value of copper has been estimated to have increased by a massive 500% from 2001 to 2008.

Why is copper scrap wire on such a high demand?

The various properties of copper make it suitable for many applications. This metal possesses a high level of thermal and electrical conductivity and also the ability to resist corrosion. It is also durable and very malleable. The copper is used for making different types of wires used in a variety of applications. The wires produced include copper strips, control cable, tinsel wire, special cable, and winding wire.

The major field utilizing copper wires is the building industry. Here, the material is used for electrical wiring, water pipes and for aesthetic purposes. The wire is preferred by electrical contractors due to its flexibility and its resistance to metal exhaustion. Many electronic appliances use copper wiring too.

With the advent of automatic machines, copper strips are in high demand; thus, causing the rise in scrap wire prices, as well. The strips ensure the cars run efficiently and also save energy with corrosion resistance added.

With an ever increasing demand for copper, there are few items from which recyclers will not attempt to salvage this seemingly precious metal. Little evidence presents itself in the way of indicating that copper wire prices will come down, any time soon.

Sell Your Scrap Gold And Silver To A Reputable Scrap Buyer

Look, no one needs to tell you that times are tough right now. Unless you’re extremely fortunate, you’re Scrap Gold And Silverprobably looking for any opportunity you can to make a bit of extra money, whether it’s to cover rent, pay back student loans, or to afford medical expenses. The good news is, if you have any scrap gold and silver lying around, this can be easily turned into cash in just minutes.

Gold prices continue to be sky-high, and silver is doing quite well too. In down economic times, wealthier buyers like to put money into precious metals, but that means more cash for you if you have scrap gold or silver on hand to sell.

What Do You Mean By Scrap Gold And Silver?

“Scrap” gold and silver doesn’t just refer to broken pieces. Just about any gold or silver you might have, from minted coins to heirloom pieces to, yes, broken jewelry or watches, can be sold for around 60%-80% of the value of its metal content.

While you might not get as much as the piece was worth originally, it’s a lot quicker and easier than trying to pawn or eBay each piece separately.

Finding a Reputable Scrap Gold And Silver Buyer

The biggest difficulty you may find in trying to sell your gold or silver is finding a buyer you can trust. Television and the Internet have recently been flooded with advertisements from firms like Cash4Gold and GoldPaq, encouraging you to mail your gold off to them in return for a check.scrap gold

Here are just a few reasons this is a bad idea:

  • You’re losing possession of your gold and silver for days or weeks, trusting that it will be handled properly.
  • Lost mail and mail fraud happen. In some areas, thieves will even check mailboxes for parcels from these companies.
  • Some reports on payouts from these companies suggest that they pay well below fair market rates.

However, there’s a better alternative: you can get your cash all at once, with just a quick drive to Southern Resources in  Charlotte’s art district, without the hassle of mailing it off to a questionable company advertising on TV. If you don’t like the offer, you can drive off with your precious metals in hand, and try somewhere else.

After all, if you need money, why would you hang onto precious metals when you can put them to better use?


Short On Money? Sell Gold Scrap!

Sell Gold ScrapIn today’s economy, it is easy to find yourself needing a little extra cash.  Need to know how to find some extra cash?  Remember that gold chain that you bought for an old girlfriend? Or do you have some bling that doesn’t fit your lifestyle today?  It cost you a pretty penny back in the day, but may even be worth more today as scrap than when you bought it.  A look through your dresser drawers, or in the jewelry box, may help you find some items that could be sold for scrap and turned into cold hard cash. 

Gold has reached extraordinary prices, with one single ounce of 24K pure gold selling for more than $1,500.  Depending on how many karats your gold is, what condition it is in and how heavy the scrap metal is, you can sell your old gold and will benefit greatly from these high values.

Consider selling your gold scrap to a scrap metal recycling company such as, Southern Resources, Charlotte’s premier gold scrap recycler.  They are friendly, honest and have a knowledgeable and efficient staff.

If you want to sell gold scrap you need to be able to completely trust the company you sell it to.  Is their assessment of the karat count correct?  Are their scales regularly tested to ensure that you are getting fair weights?  Southern Resources is that friendly place you can bring your scrap gold and receive that good old southern hospitality that we in North Carolinia are famous for.

Southern Resources goal is honesty that you can count on.  Visit them at 3826 Raleigh Street, Charlotte, NC 28206 or call 704-749-5400 and let the experts help you turn some of your old scrap gold into cash.

contact us

Stainless Steel Price Is Based On Nickel And Chrome Content

In today’s ailing economy it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet.  You try as hard as you can, but the Stainless Steel Priceburden of economic pressure can sometimes weigh you down.  Yet there may be a way to add a little to your pocket book and help the environment in the process by the practice of scrap metal recycling.  Many people when they have old refrigerators or other appliances that are no longer in working order will let them sit around in the back yard not realizing there is money in scrap metal.  Stainless steel can be found in everything from cutlery, to major appliances, to industrial equipment, and even as construction material in large buildings.  Stainless steel is one hundred percent recyclable which is a plus to those looking to boost their income.  But what about stainless steel price?  How much can you get for your stainless steel scrap metal?

How does nickel and chrome content determine the best stainless steel price?

Nickel is an invaluable component in stainless steel because it stabilizes it, making it stronger and less brittle as well as virtually non-magnetic.  The chromium content of stainless steel is what prevents rust and corrosion, allowing the steel to retain its luster and making it advantageous over carbon steel and increasing its value tenfold.

What is the overall value of stainless steel?

As in all things in today’s world the economic value of stainless steel is subject to change from time to time, but the average stainless steel price in America today is about 0.45 per pound which is an attractive price for those who didn’t think they were going to get anything for their scrap metal.

Steel is a valuable construction and architectural component in a large number of things, and the nickel and chrome content in stainless steel serves to increase its value, making it much sought after as a recyclable material for both buyer and seller.

Stay Ahead- Know The Current Scrap Metal Prices

Selling scrap metal can be very profitable, especially if you do your research first. Each type of scrap metal you take to a scrap yard sells for a different price. When you know what the current scrap metal prices are, not only can you look for higher paying material, but you can also be certain that you will get paid what you deserve.

Earning a Fair Price
If you have taken the time and effort required to collect scrap metal, you will want to be paid fairly. Not all facilities may be open about the current scrap metal prices. They can easily take advantage of someone who has not educated themselves prior to the sell. However, you don’t have to be an unsuspecting customer. If you take the time to learn what the current prices are, you can walk into a recycling facility with confidence and your head held high. You can then walk out with fair dollar in your pocket.

Specific Metal Rates
By knowing the current scrap metal prices, you can seek out the higher paying types. For example, the national rate for insulated copper wire is approximately $1.40 per pound. For Grade #1 Copper the national selling price can be up to $3.00 a pound. Collecting this higher paying material can result in taking home some serious cash. It doesn’t take long to accumulate a pound, so don’t forget the other materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, which you can also profit from.

Time to Sellscrap metal
When you decide that it is time to sell, you will want to go to a reputable company who will pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. You can go to an honest company, who believes in transparency in the going rates of scrap metal. When researching current scrap metal prices, Southern Resources makes it easy for you. With the click of a mouse, you can easily compare national and local scrap metal prices side by side. Using this information, you can rest assured knowing that you will get paid the best price for your material.

As you can see, educating yourself with the current scrap metal prices will definitely pay off. You will earn top dollar and better yet, you will be treated with honesty and respect.  After a long day of work, you can walk away knowing that you have been paid fair market value for your scrap metal. Where will you invest your hard earned cash?

The Importance Of Being A Green Scrap Company

Environmentally friendly and sustainable are two of the most common terms used by businesses today. Why? It is probably because people want to do business with a company that is conscious of the environment and strives to work toward leaving a cleaner and better planet forscrap-company posterity.

On the top of the list of bussinesses which should be environmentally friendly is the scrap recycling company that recycles the scrap metal of other companies. So, why should a scrap metal recycler incorporate the environment into its business?

First, it attracts revenue, as people want to do business with a company which endeavors to give something back to the community. To customers, it is a sign of commitment to the core principles of the scrap metal company as well as the environment at large. It gives an added measure of trust and security to customers which means, the green scrap company can enjoy a lasting relationship with its clientelle.

Another reason for a scrap company to go green is the additional respect it gets from the members of the community. They appreciate the company’s efforts to be efficient and clean up the environment. It provides employees with a sense of pride as they become a part of the environmental solution. Moreover, as employees gain more of a sense of being involved in doing something good for society, they are inspired to work harder.

All this means the scrap company gets more business and, in the long run, will contribute to improving the economy overall. Moreover, scrap metal is increasingly being recycled, it reduces the costs that come with renting or buying landfills, it reduces the amount of land which is wasted to scrap storage or disposal, and it feeds the local availability of scrap metal on hand for manufacturers. By increasing the supply of metal on hand, companies may be more competitive with their production prices and conservation of limited resources is further sustained.

Scrap companies help conserve resources, generate revenue, and clean the environment by going green. As the stage is successfully set by metal scrap companies, manufacturers contribute, even further, to the environmentally green practices put in place.

Don’t you feel good when you help the environment?

The Scrap Yard: Where You Can Make Art From Junk

When components and devices wear out or stop working they are generally taken away to the scrap yard to be stripped down and, when possible, recycled. Although, at first glance the scrap yard may seem to be just the dumping ground for America’s unwanted metal, for some it is a treasure trove and the inspiration for a work of art.scrap-yard

However, if you want to try your hand at making art from junk, you need to follow a few simple tips to stay safe, work within the law and hopefully make money from your venture.

Ask Permission

Scrap yards are often private property, and you will need permission to start looking around. You will also need to be prepared to pay a reasonable amount for anything you take away. The re-shoring of much of the manufacturing industry and an emphasis on recycling mean there is money to be made from metal that was once just given away.

Know what you are handling

If you want to be able to rework and shape the metal you find then make sure you know what metals you are using. While aluminium is reasonably soft and easy to bend, other metals will need speciality tools and expertise in manipulating them. You will also need to be aware of canisters and what liquids or gases they may have previously held. You should not try to remove or use propane canisters as this is unsafe. Be aware that all objects in a scrap scrap-yard-junkyard could be dangerous, so you should always wear appropriate clothing and gloves, while scavenging for your raw materials.

Know where to sell

You have scavenged you raw materials from the scrap yard, imagined and created your master piece and now comes the difficult part; finding someone to buy your creation. You might want to start small with a yard sale or take your work to an art and craft market. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t sell them straight away, as it can take time to turn junk into treasure.

Top 10 Things Your Scrap Metal Dealer Doesn’t Want You To Know

There is a lot of money in the scrap metal recycling industry.  There is also a lot of crime, theft and dishonesty.  Southern Resources in Charlotte, NC is a different type of scrap metal recycler that believes it is important to have transparency when it comes to their processes and prices.  They are the type of scrap metal recycler that actually builds relationships with their industrial clients.  They pay top prices, weigh honestly and truly value loyalty.

Mark Clackum, the CEO and President of Southern Resources feels so passionately about the subject of honesty in the scrap metal world that he created a list of what he feels are the top 10 things that your scrap metal dealer doesn’t want you to know.


  1. Know Which Alloy Your Scrap Metal Actually Is. Did you know that there are a dozen common alloys of aluminum & hundreds of different types of brass? Scrap dealers just buy brass as “brass”, but many of the common types of brass are worth much more. Find out the alloy designation number of your metal to ensure you get the best price. Refer to our Recyclopedia to learn more.
  2. Know the Actual Market Price. Scrap metal is traded on formulas based on published commodities markets. Copper, Gold, & Silver are based on the COMEX. All other common base metals are traded on the LME (London Metals Exchange).  Scrap dealers just want you to take their word for it, but you can use the internet to check today’s markets or better yet just visit our Southern Resources Pricing Page where we publish both the National Average Prices & Local Average Prices for about 50 of the most common scrap items.
  3. Lock in a formula based on a published market. You should sell on a formula based on a published market such as AMM (American Metal Market) or the LME or the COMEX. Scrap dealers often quote a big, sometimes even losing, price to get your business, then they lower the price after you get comfortable and stop paying attention. Protect yourself by contracting a formula with your chosen scrap metal recycler, so that your price automatically raises when the market does. To get a suggested formula just fill out our What’s My Scrap Metal Worth? form & ask for a suggested formula.
  4. Know whether or not your scrap dealer has certified scales. Scales are computers which can be programmed to read whatever an unscrupulous scrap dealer wants them to read. In the case of a floor scale usually with a 3′ or 4′ weigh plate designed for weighing parcels less than 5,000lbs, a quick check is to stand on it. Does the read-out display your weight +/- 2lbs? In the case of a truck-scale, (literally 50′ long & designed to weigh a tractor trailer weighing as much as 100,000lbs accurately), ask to see the inspection sticker from the Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. You can use the same self-weigh test here, too. Does the truck scale display your weight within 20lbs? Never use a scrap dealer who doesn’t allow you to see the scale read-out.
  5. Know Your Weight in Pounds. Scrap dealers like to deal in what is refferred to as a “Gross Ton” (which is 2,240 pounds), because they will round down to the nearest ton. For example, if you have 6,695 pounds of steel, many scrap dealers divide 6,675lbs by 2,240 to get 2.98 gross tons & will round down to 2GT (two gross tons). This shaves off a full third of your weight & therefore a full 33% of your money!
  6. Again, keep it simple, deal in pounds. A common scrap dealer scam is to convert pricing to some other term such as “eaches”, “penny-weights”, “price per piece”, etc. This is a bright red warning flag that your scrap dealer is trying to deceive you. Pounds are straight forward. Make sure your material is weighed accurately & get paid your price per pound for every pound you have.
  7. Know all associated fees. Beware of hidden fees. Barring exceptional labor or recovery situations, your price quote should be a flat rate “as is, where is”& already include container rental, transportation, fuel surcharges, standard handling, administrate tasks, etc.
  8. Know what is being deducted. Be aware of all deductions, so you can review what is reasonable. where possible, insist on exact verification. For example, if your scrap metal is in a barrel, know the exact weight of the empty barrel before loading or have the scrap dealer transfer its contents & weigh your barrel back. In the cases where estimation is unavoidable (percentage recovery, projected labor, moisture deductions, etc.), it is acceptable that the scrap dealer keeps a little cushion or errs on the side of caution, but insist on an accounting to make sure it seems reasonable to you.
  9. Insist on a Settlement Report. If your scrap dealer has nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t mind giving you an itemized receipt for every transaction.
  10. Know the company. Who does the company say they are? How would you describe their company personality? One of the best ways to judge a company’s character is to know the owner. This is doesn’t apply to publicly held companies, but publicly held companies tend to be very bureaucratic & treat you as just another customer number. Most scrap yards are small to mid-size businesses, & these size companies have a tendency to embody the personalities of their owners or Presidents. What sort of person is the owner? Do they have a criminal record? Do they have good credit? Are they active in the community? Choose your scrap yard they same way you would choose a partner, because that is the way a good scrap yard conducts itself.

I hope you find this list helpful and these tips help you to find a responsible scrap metal recycler.



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Top 5 Reasons to Recycle Metals

It has taken over a decade, but recycling has become a mainstream practice in the United States. What used to be considered a hassle, now is an everyday occurrence in today’s society, as you commonly see blue bins in buildings and on street corners. Recycling has become a very profitable endeavor for business owners, as well.

Here are the top five reasons to recycle metals:

1)  Metal Recycling Promotes Good Economic Growth

Many businesses are saving money in their overall financial budget when they use recycled metals for their on-going work projects. This practice will help hire new employees and offer finished products to the consumer at a reduced rate.recycle-metals

2) Recycling Metals Helps Reduce the Need for Landfills

It makes sense that more metals are being recycled, as this process reduces the items needed to be shipped to landfill sites. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that still 80 percent of all metal products in landfill sites are eligible candidates for recycling. At this time, over 50 percent of all recycled metals are eventually sold back to consumers in useful products.

3) Recycling Metals Increase Efficiency

The United States produces endless amounts of waste each year. If we recycled all metal materials, then that picture would be drastically different, over time. Certain types of metals (aluminum and steel) can be recycled multiple times and long into the future. This especially holds true for aluminum waste, which can be used again and again.

4) Cell Phones Recycling Helps the Environment

Cell phones and computers contain a wide variety of precious metals, and recycling these products will help conserve not only these valuable materials, but preserve our air and water. Also, this process will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the manufacturing of metal products.

5) Eventually Recycling Metals Will Become Law

Currently, 17 states have banned any form of metals from being sent to local landfill sites, and more could follow suit in the near future. Twenty-five states have passed stricter metal recycling laws and several more are requiring manufacturers to establish their own metal recycling program.

If everybody could just pull together and contact their local metal scrap dealer, we could make this world a greener place, one recycled product at a time.

Top Scrap Metal Prices In Charlotte NC

scrap-metalScrap metal recycling is an industry that is rapidly growing in the United States, in general, and in Charlotte in particular. The scrap metal industry exports up to $21 billion worth of scrap metal annually. The industry is booming thanks to the widespread change in recycling trends and lifestyles.

Scrap metal prices are subject to constant change due to a variety of factors in the global economy. Factors such as quality of metal, type of metal and even the geographic location, all contribute to the ever changing scrap metal prices. Charlotte NC is also subject to the very same factors that cause fluctuating scrap metal prices. The business of “Scrapping”, however, is continuously on the rise, despite these uncertainties. What started out as a hobby for most has now turned into a lucrative business venture, due to the recent emphasis on recycling.

The price of scrap metal is ever increasing and has gone up five times in the last five years. When once it used to be easy to locate good quality scrap metal in most locales,scrap-metal-prices-charlotte-nc the fervour with which it has caught on has made it relatively hard to find large quantities of scrap metal these days. In fact, the scrap metal prices are rising so much and so quickly that professional scrapping businesses have had to beef up security to prevent the thefts that this price rise has triggered.

It is not easy to predict scrap metal prices. Charlotte NC still faces the uncertainty of these fluctuations. Futures trading is a major contributor to this rise and fall of prices and for you to have a close enough idea about the market, the price trends in the industry need to be closely monitored.

Once you have familiarized yourself with market trends and price fluctuations, it is a matter of collecting as much scrap as possible and finding the right kind of scrap yard to give you the right price. By finding a scrap metal company such as Southern Resources, you can rest assured that you are getting the most current and competitive price for your scrap metal.

Wouldn’t you like to be reassured that you’re getting top dollar for your scrap metal?

We Admire Your Scrap Cable Wire!

Scrap Cable WireAre you overloaded with scrap cable wire? If so, fret not. You can sell your scrap cable for top dollar. Some recycling centers pay a set price regardless of the type of wire you have. However, due to their composition and qualities, different types come with different prices. Compare national and local scrap metal prices, then you can be certain that you will get the rate you deserve, specifically for the type of scrap wire you are selling. Here is a breakdown of the different types.

# 1 Insulated Copper Wire

This is the highest paying insulated copper wire and by selling it you can earn approximately $1.80 per pound. This wire is plastic insulated and is unalloyed. It consists of wire that is no smaller than 1/16 inch thick. No. 1 copper wire must not be painted, soldered and must be essentially clean. You can find this type in plumbing, building wires and control cables.

# 2 Insulated Copper Wire

No. 2 copper wire is worth less that No. 1, earning close to .70 cents per pound. This wire can be painted, soldered and can contain connectors. This makes this type of copper wire much easier to collect. However, by removing non-copper items such as end fittings, lead and connectors you can quickly transform No. 2 copper into the higher value No. 1.

Don’t get cheated by selling your scrap cable wire to the wrong facility Stop wondering “What’s my scrap metal worth? Check out the going prices and after you have made all of that extra cash, where will you spend it first?

What is a Good Price for Scrap Gold?

Scrap GoldGold is considered a fine investment, especially in hard economic times, when monetary values are decreasing. Demand for gold typically increases during such times raising the value.

During such periods, you may want to sell your scrap gold if you need the cash, taking advantage of the increased value.

But what is a good price for scrap gold? You can of course, easily find a buyer and rely on their evaluation of your gold items, but it is always a good idea to conduct your own research about their worth, as this will put you in a better bargaining position.

You can do this easily by determining the value of your gold. You simply need to find its karat and weight. Some jewelry actually has it’s karat stamped on it. If not, you need a gold testing kit consisting of 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K bottles of nitric acid and a black test stone to test the gold yourself. Some kits even come with a weighing scale.

If gold coins are included in your scrap gold, verify if they have numismatic value, which could be higher than the value of their gold content. You may need to take the gold coins to a numismatist.Karat Chart

Sort your items according to their karat and weigh them. Karats represent the percentage of gold in your jewelry. If it is a 22K, this means it has 0.9167% gold, 18K has 0.750%, 14K has 0.585%, and 10K has 0.4167%. In order to arrive at the gold content of your gold, multiply the right percentage with its weight. Once you have the product, multiply it by the current price of gold. You can easily find this on the Internet.

Typically, however, buyers will not pay you this price. This is because they will need to process your scrap gold, perhaps melting and transforming them into bars. They will likely offer a price somewhere between 60 to 80% of the prevailing market price.

There are buyers of scrap gold who offer extra services, such as a pick-up service or free assay. Like gold, not all buyers are of the same quality. Some are more transparent in their dealings with their clients, and some pay better prices.

When and How To Recycle Metals Differently

Recycling metal has become an important part in the supply chain for the United States for manufacturers of goods. Almost half of the raw metal used around the world comes from the process of recycling metals. Each metal is recycled using a different method.

recycle-steelSteel Recycling

To recycle metals, steel that has been scrapped has to first be separated from other materials. It is then placed into a furnace and iron is added. This mixture is heated to a temperature of about 1700 degrees centigrade and then oxygen is added. This new, molten mixture is then placed into specially designed molds and then cooled. The product that results is then formed into coils, which is the raw material that is produced by the process of recycling steel.

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum cans are shredded and color is removed. Other aluminum items are not included in this process because they contain different alloys than aluminum cans. The stripped down aluminum pieces are placed in a furnace, then are poured into molds, where they cool. Aluminum becomes molten at a lower temperature than steel. Each ingot that is cast can make 1.5 million new aluminum cans.

To recycle aluminum other than cans, such as foil or car parts, they go through the same process as recycling aluminum cans, but are done separately because of alloy differences.

Appliance and Electronics Recyclingrecycle-metals

Aluminum can be found in electronic components as well as appliances. Since there are other metals in these items besides aluminum, the units are separated by hand and each metal, such as copper, tin and iron, are separated from aluminum components. Each metal is put into a furnace and melted at high temperatures, similar to the aluminum and steel recycling process. Metal that can be reused without melting it down first, is used in its original form, as replacement components to repair products.

Recycling Collection

Many industrial factories, such as steel mills, auto factories and refineries, produce metal scraps during manufacturing. These are collected and melted down so they can be reused in future production. This metal is called “home scrap”. Scrap that comes from a recycling facility is called “purchased scrap”. Purchased scrap comes from home recycling such as aluminum can recycling, appliances, electronics, and any other metal items that can be found in the home. These items are brought to a recycling facility that processes it for sale to manufacturers to be reused in new metal products.

When Your Scrap Gold is Cash-worthy

Let’s be clear about one thing. Regardless of its condition, your scrap gold is always cash-worthy. It may not retain its original value as a piece of fine jewelry, but the mere fact that it contains gold makes it valuable.


Objects made from gold come in a variety of purities that are denoted by their “Karat” markings. Pure, or 24K, gold is as close to 100% gold as they can make it. 18K gold is 75% pure while 14K is a little over 58% gold. While this system will work all the way down to 0%, United States law does not allow any item to be stamped “gold” if it less than 10K or 41%scrap-gold gold.


Weighing an item and then multiplying by the percentage of gold indicated by its marking will tell you how much actual gold you have. This fact is important because it will determine how much the dealer will pay for your scrap gold. It is the intention of the dealer to actually melt down your jewelry, separate the gold from the other metals and then sell it. Also, you should know that, in general, the other metals are not usually worth much and you will not be paid for them.


Once the weighing and calculating are done, the dealer will then quote you a price based on the amount of gold you have and the current price of gold. This price will vary from day to day as it varies on the world market. If you accept, he will pay you on the spot in cash or with a check. In any event, you should always remember that your scrap gold is always worth something.

Why Scrap Metal Prices Vary

scrap-metal-pricesWheeling and Dealing in Scrap Metal

The scrap metal business is on the rise, with more people buying, selling and recycling scrap metal than ever before. It has become a profitable business all over the world. Some take it more seriously than others; some even make it into a career. Nowadays, you can take scrap metal from broken down cars, tins, cans, wires – the list goes on, and these metals can all be recycled.

Why do Prices Fluctuate?

Everyone knows scrap metal prices vary, but why? Well, it’s really quite simple; the price of virgin metal itself fluctuates, thereby influencing the prices you pay for metal, and the price you get for them when scrapped. So when virgin metal prices increase, the price of the scrap metal rises, too. And because recycled metal is cheaper to produce than virgin metal, it becomes more desirable, therefore carrying a higher price tag when the demand for a particular metal arises.

Of course, it goes without saying that metal prices are subject to supply and demand, alongrecycle-scrap-metal with the cost of production, just like any other commodity. An example of this would be copper; the price rises quickly in the event of a housing boom, caused by builders demanding record amounts of pipe and wire that are used to build millions of homes. Likewise, when a housing bust occurs, the prices of copper swiftly falls, before rebounding once more when the housing market has recovered.

Rarer imported metals are also subject to fluctuations, and are influenced by factors such as politics and importation costs from countries such as Russia or China. When countries raise their export costs, or taxes, Americans have to pay more for imported metals. Trade agreements can also turn in their favour, meaning the cost of these metals decrease.

Price of Fuel

The price of fuel is considered to be the greatest influence on metal prices; this is because all metals need a high heat in order to make the most basic of industrial products, including wire, sheet metal, rods, and bars. To achieve this, it’s common for foundries to use coal, natural gas and electricity to produce the required heat, so when the costs of these fuels rise, usually the cost of metal follows.

So, there we have it. That’s the reason, in a nutshell, why scrap metal prices vary. Call up your local scrap metal company to find out what cash you could get in your pocket today!

‘We Buy Scrap Gold!’ Many Claim It, Not All Of Them Are a Good Choice

We Buy Scrap GoldSeems like there are people wanting to buy your scrap gold everywhere you look, doesn’t it? We see billboards and television commercials everyday saying “We buy scrap gold,” or “Cash for Gold” offering to take precious gold off of your hands. Where there’s a buck to be made, surely there are scams and crooks out there. This is why it’s important to think carefully about where you want to sell your scrap gold.

Many companies offer to take your gold through the mail. They may even advertise free shipping or to return your jewelry and other items to you if you decline the offer. This can be handy, but don’t think you aren’t paying for the convenience. If they’re paying for the shipping, that expense is really being pushed onto their customers.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that the market price for gold constantly changes. This makes it possible for many scrap buyers to claim that they offer the most money for your gold. Nobody can get in trouble for false advertising when the going rate is always in flux. Take a deep breath and check the current price of gold, find a buyer you can trust, and sell when you are ready.

Finding the dealer you want to sell your scrap gold to also means researching and asking around to find someone reliable. Consider a large, reputable, local company with good references, and who does enough volume business to pay good rates. When they say, “We buy scrap gold!” you should feel like you’re selling to a refinery, not a middleman. Also, unless you have your own gold testing supplies, it’s great to do business in person so you feel comfortable with the process.

With the right gold buyer, you can make a small fortune for yourself. It all depends on what you have to sell. Jewelry is common, but any scrap gold you have sitting around can lead to a nice profit for yourself for almost no effort. What gold do you have sitting around? Are there any gold objects you’ve found in your home that you wouldn’t have thought to sell? Let us know in the comments – it’s great to share tips on where to find scrap gold waiting around to be sold.

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